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Friday, March 06, 2009

Developing Story: First Look Inside Haleigh's Home


SATSUMA, FL -- News crews are now getting the first pictures from inside the home where Haleigh Cummings slept on the night she vanished almost four weeks ago.

The home at 202 Green Lane had been sealed since Haleigh disappeared up until February 26 when investigators released the home back to her family.

Now, we're seeing the bed where Misty Croslin said she put Haleigh down to sleep around 8 p.m. on February 9.

The tiny bed is just feet from where Croslin said she and Haleigh's younger brother slept.
Haleigh's Christmas stocking is still hanging on the wall, along with some of her baby pictures.
Last night, family members went back into the home for the first time to gather some personal belongings.

The family of Ronald Cummings wanted to show the house to keep the search for Haleigh alive.
Not far from Haleigh's home, the Spur Saloon is doing what it can to help the little girl's family.
The saloon is collecting money from patrons between Thursday and Saturday nights until Haleigh comes home.

The owners of the saloon set out several large, empty water jugs for people to drop money into. The saloon also won't charge people a cover. Several hundred people visited the saloon Thursday night and left plenty of donations. The Spur Saloon is located at 101 10th street in Palatka, and it's open from Noon to 2 a.m.

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