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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Casey Anthony case: A look at the new attorney

March 4, 2009

"From a total investigation of this case, I've concluded she's innocent," Todd Macaluso, Casey Anthony's new attorney tells WKMG reporter Adam Longo. "I've concluded that she is innocent," Macaluso repeats.

Macaluso describes himself as an expert on technical matters and also tells Longo: "The prosecution has no evidence in this case. The only evidence in this case that is called evidence is information that's been leaked out to the public by sources close to the investigation, by sources involved in the investigation. And there's been a lot of misinformation."

Anchor Jacqueline London called Macaluso "this California power attorney" and hinted that some of the defense team's strategy "between now and the trial just might knock you off your couch."

WKMG also studied that note that George Anthony left when he attempted to take his life. His attorney, Brad Conway, is fighting the state's release of the note, saying the personal comments could be embarrassing to the family and have no relevance to Casey's case.

In the note, George Anthony talks about wanting to buy a gun to teach Casey's friends a lesson, defends Casey's innocence and says Cindy deserves a better husband, Mike DeForest reported. His attorney says George is still frail after the ordeal, DeForest said.


Anonymous said...

Oh, God! They're going to get her off. The nasty, conceited bitch. I wish they would throw all of them in jail, the father, the mother, and the brother. What a gang of liars!

Anonymous said...

oh, please. How many defense attorneys have said that in high profile cases and then nada...

::big yawn:: Bring it on, bad check man.