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Monday, March 16, 2009

Investigators: Misty Cumming’s Story Has Inconsistencies

Like we missed that.

Orlando Sentinal
March 16, 2009

SATSUMA -- Investigators in Putnam County said Monday there are inconsistencies when it comes to the story of Misty Croslin, the 17-year-old who was the last to see Haleigh Cummings alive.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office said the agency has already spent more than 30 hours talking to the teen.

Misty said she was in a mobile home more than a month ago when someone took the 5-year-old girl in the middle of the night.

However, a sheriff's captain told a Jacksonville TV station her story hasn't stayed the same about exactly what happened in the eight hours between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. the day Haleigh was taken.

Investigators have looked into hundreds of leads in the case, but said they still don't have a solid timeline of exactly when the girl vanished. Misty made headlines herself March 12 when she married Haleigh's father, Ronald Cummings.
For anyone who missed it, watch the Ron and Misty appearance on the Today show (it's on YouTube) and notice the body language. Ron is smug about the investigation, Crystal and the Sheriff's department. Misty is quite outspoken about the investigators pressuring her and how rude they were, raising their voices and calling her a liar. Then when asked why her story changed she clams up, looks to Ron to answer the question, then simply says "I don't know".
Maybe she said they were in the same bed but meant the same bedroom. Maybe she was just so taken back--by just waking, Hayleigh's gone, then Ron is home, yelling, the police are there--that she just was confused and didn't have time to really reflect on what was happening. Those answers would be so simple but she fumbles, as if the truth stops her. Or Ron. Or something.


Anonymous said...

How do you establish a more defined timeline if you are asleep? My opinion is she was home, asleep in the queen size bed with Jr. She had to of been on the outside and Jr. on the inside facing the wall and Haleigh asleep on the small child's mattress on the floor next to bedroom door. It would not of been hard nor unheard of for someone to remove Haleigh from that mattress that was so close to the door and possibly did not even wake the child. She is very young and I believe her statements have been misconstruded because of her inability to articulate with enough sophistication as to when and how she found things to be after waking to go to the bathroom. I know if I were alone and had awoke to find my child missing from her bed I would be searching everywhere and trying to reach my spouse before I would call police. You must remember we all would think we would do this or that but the nightmare is terrifying and I don't no of anyone that acts in the right way or makes the right decision when you are scared out of your mind. I truly believe this is a family abduction and have strong suspicions of Sheffield/ Griffis family and friends. I hope I am not wrong because that means Haleigh is safe.
Has anybody considered that Crystal might of taken Haleigh in this way to get even with Ronald because of how he got custody of the children. It would seem to me that is the revenge Ronald mentioned. I believe she intended to get Jr. too. Reason for propping back door was to get in and out and back in for Jr. and out again. I believe Misty was not mistaken on Haleigh's night clothes. I feel investigators didn't look at that pile of laundry close enough before bringing misty in to retrieve Haleigh's school clothes. It was a vital clue early in this investigation that someone close and personal took the time to remove and change Haleigh's clothes, but they forgot shoes. A child's foot print was found directly on the scent trail the dogs followed from the back door it is a vital clue also to refer to someone who cares about Haleigh and the fact she did not run or scream indicates she was not scared of this person. I am sure this staged abduction has not gone to plan from the beginning and could be the down fall to this plot.

Anonymous said...

jeez you are either very trusting or a moron. Do you even watch the body language of this young girl? First of all, listen to the 2 parts of the 911 taped phone call yourself. Confused, scared or not, "I was cleaning" is just not the same as the later story, "I was sleeping" and it is no typo or media bull, it is her own words. Next, "I got up to get a drink", "I got up to pee" Ok, still confused? She is not scared now, why the odd inconsistencies? Why no eye contact when asked a question? why was she using the restroom clear at the other end of the trailer? Why not the one right there a few feet from the bed? Didn't notice the child was missing? This is a 5 year old sleeping on a babybed mattress, the weather being warm. When she got out of the bed, she would have to be careful not to step on the child for pity's sake. Any fool would look down to be sure they didn't step on an arm or leg. A good 25 mins elapsed between the 3:00 am time when she says she woke, and the 3:25 am time when Ronald Cummings pulled into the drive and then the 3:27 am call to 911. Scared then? Yeah ok, not scared now, not so scared she didn't go get married in the middle of this mess. What is up with that. I bet you think that was pizza in Casey Anthony's trunk too. Wake up and smell the decomposition. There is something NOT right here. 17 or not, That girl is LYING. If you tell the truth you don't have to remember it.

Janet said...

Not meaning to take sides, lol, but I agree with you, anon #2.

I think people are trying to somehow justify Misty because she is young and appears to be an ignorant, uneducated, poor kid who got caught up in something. She is all those things, except that you don't have to be smart to do heinous things.

Remember not too long ago we were all saying Casey Anthony must have accidently done something to Caylee and then freaked out. Come to find out she's a sociopath. Who knew?

I wonder if we will have a 'Misty moment' like that one.

Janet said...

Another thing, you mentioned the 911 call. It seemed to me her affect was very inconsistent. She would go from hysteria to calm (when told to go look at the door) to crying to calm (when asked her birthdate) then back to sobbing.
Very suspicious to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I have to take sides here with Misty, Let me explain why. I think what has happened here was a tragedy yes, but the girl is 17 yrs old. I'm a single dad myself raising 2 teens. It's a tough job abd at 1 time I was raising 5 kids for several years about 10 years ago. She is under alot of stress with 2 kids at 17 my gosh, who wouldn't be. This is what I truely think happened. her and Ron got in a fight, she wanted to chill out, she told Ron about this party, Ron told her she couldn't go, yest she went anyways. She propped open the side door with the block, the door was loud otherwise, shw took "haleigh" with her and the guy "Jr" claims was there was, he waited until 'Jr" fell asleep and then went out the side door as well, they went off to the party got high and whatever else and that is when something bad happened to her. Being 17 she panicked got scared and did something, I think all in all--it was just an accidental death, but she is to scared to say the truth. I don't think for one minute she would intentionally hurt either child. Think about this.

Anonymous said...

I think they need to form a team and check the river, not the pond, I think the river holds the clues!!!!! And the body!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is very sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Anonymous said...

i'd bang her