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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roy Kronk: State's star witness or Casey Anthony defense's best shot?

November 25, 2009
By Sarah Lundy
November 21, 2009

For almost a year, Roy Kronk has been heralded as the man who did what others could not: He found missing toddler Caylee Anthony's remains in woods near her family home...Now, Anthony's defense team hopes Kronk will become reasonable doubt to a jury. Legal documents filed this week reveal interviews with Kronk's ex-wives, his son and a daughter of another ex-girlfriend. They paint a picture of a man with a shady past and a history of abusing and restraining women...
Kronk has never been charged, and the claims could not be independently verified. He denies the claims....Some legal experts say this is an attack on a witness and the defense will have a hard time showing how these prior acts are relevant to the case...Others say it's a smart move by Anthony's attorneys to create reasonable doubt....Kronk found Caylee's skull in a bag in woods Dec. 11.

I'm really appalled by this--blaming Kronk. Baez has also requested ALL of Tim Miller's Equusearch records. How many times did we hear the Anthony's begging the public to search for her granddaughter, now the one who found her is under suspicion. Guess it just doesn't pay to be a good Samaritan these days, unless you can afford a good lawyer.
I also totally discredit anything the ex's have to say about Roy Kronk. Mine could probably say something about my past to embarrass me. Of course they are all dead. Well, two are dead, the other--they haven't found the body. hehehe...


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