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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Charla Nash Chimpanzee Attack Victim Might Soon Be Discharged

November 11, 2009

Charla Nash might soon leave the Cleveland Clinic...and will go to a rehabilitation center after she leaves the hospital...

Monaco told Cleveland.com that Nash still needs 24-hour care and will need reconstructive surgery to restore ability to breathe through her nose. She is also hoping for a face transplant, he said. The Cleveland Clinic was the first to perform a near-total face transplant in the country.
Oprah Winfrey interviewed Nash on Tuesday for an episode of her talk show that aired Wednesday afternoon where Charla showed the remains of her face for the first time since she has been hospitalized due to a mauling from a friends pet 200 pound Chimpanzee...

Nash, who is just adjusting to primitive prosthetics, is currently suing Sandra Herold, the owner of the chimp, and the state of Connecticut in relation to the mauling...

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