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Monday, November 30, 2009

Casey Anthony defense: Florida's death-penalty procedure is unconstitutional

By Amy L. Edwards

Orlando Sentinel
November 30, 2009

Casey Anthony's defense lawyers have filed a motion arguing that Florida's death penalty procedure is unconstitutional. And because the procedure is unconstitutional, the death penalty should be precluded as a potential sentence, their motion argues.

Defense lawyers Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon filed the motion last week, along with a slew of others totaling more than 250 pages.

In their motion, the lawyers argued, "Even if the death penalty procedure were constitutional, the State has failed to charge Miss Anthony with the aggravating circumstances necessary to impose the death penalty; thus, a death sentence in this case would violate due process."
gag, gag. I'm tired of hearing about these people...but they just keep going and going.

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