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Monday, November 30, 2009

Haysville Girl Working Hard to Recover from Burns

Haysville Kansas
By Alana Rocha (WICHITA, Kan.)
August, 2009

Her stepfather pleaded guilty for setting her on fire. Now a Haysville girl, badly burned in a mobile home fire earlier this year, knows she'll never have to live with Chris Newberry again...
Caitlyn Johnson's paternal grandmother got sole custody.

Back in March, the mobile home Caitlyn lived in with her stepfather, mother and three siblings went up in flames...The fire started in Caitlyn's room...
And now Linda Johnson will be there to help Caitlyn for good. Linda has sole custody.
Linda says, "She was having trouble walking. She's not now. She's running."

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Anonymous said...

You go, girl!