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Friday, November 06, 2009

Casey Anthony case: syringe in bottle contained traces of chloroform

FBI lab tests detected the dangerous chemical in evidence from the area where Caylee Marie's remains were found.

November 6, 2009
By Walter Pacheco,
Bianca Prieto,
Rene Stutzman and
Anika Myers Palm,

Lab tests in the Casey Anthony case show trace amounts of chloroform, a potentially deadly chemical, on some of the evidence collected by investigators, records released Friday show...

Authorities ruled her death a homicide but they [said] could not determine how she died.

An FBI report released Friday shows investigators had found a plastic Gatorade Cool Blue sports drink bottle near the child's remains. A plastic bag labeled "Disposable Syringe Kit" with a syringe was found inside the bottle...

A report generated in June and labeled "Summary of results" by Dr. Michael Rickenbach of the FBI's labs indicates chloroform, testosterone, ethanol and water inside the syringe...

In other prosecution evidence released Friday, an insect expert found "coffin flies" in a bag of trash found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car...
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