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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Where is Lindsey Baum? Police, FBI Search for 10-Year-Old

Right: Lindsey Baum

Girl's Mother Frantic After Lindsey Never Made it Home From a Friend's House

June 30, 2009

It was a route Lindsey Baum had taken many times -- a 10-minute walk down a densely populated suburban street between her house and a friend's.

But on Friday evening, the McCleary, Washington, 10-year-old left her friend's house for home and disappeared somewhere along the way.

"I think somebody took her," Melissa Baum said of her daughter, who was ready to enter the sixth grade in the fall. "I'm trying to constantly push away the bad thoughts."

Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott said search efforts have escalated in the days since Lindsey's been missing from volunteers on foot -- still the most common tactic used -- to scent dogs, horses, all-terrain vehicles and helicopters.

"We're not ready to give up hope," Scott told ABCNews.com.

Baum said she last saw her daughter when Lindsey, along with her 12-year-old brother, Josh, headed out to Lindsey's friend's house in hopes she could get permission to spend the night at the Baum's house.

Baum said her children began squabbling over the use of Josh's bike on the way there and were stopped by a family friend who sent Josh home to end the argument. Lindsey continued on to her friend's house. When Lindsey's friend found out she couldn't stay the night, Lindsey headed for home around 9:30 p.m. I'd like to know who this is. He/she sends Lindsey's brother away? Did he/she have that authority, to separate the siblings without calling Lindsey's mom? Does it occur to this person that at 9:00-9:30 it's getting dark and this little girl would be alone? Something sounds mighty strange right here.

"When she wasn't home by 10, I started to get nervous," Baum said, adding that 10 p.m. is the curfew for her children.

She began calling Lindsey's cell phone, only to find that her daughter had left it plugged into the charger. Initially thinking that her daughter must have met up with friends in the neighborhood, Baum set out on foot to find her daughter.

But there was no sign of her. Eventually, her friend's parents joined the search by car. Was one of these friends the one that separated Lindsey from her brother? You know, the perp returning to the scene of the crime, injecting into the situation...Baum even let her daughter's beloved German shepherd Kadence off its leash in hopes the dog would help find her. Finally, around 10:45 p.m., Baum said she called the police.

Baum described her daughter as outgoing, talkative and mature for her age. She loved to read and write and had big plans for her future. "She insisted when she grows up she's going to be an author and an illustrator and a veterinarian," Baum said.

Police Search With Dogs, Check In on Sex Offenders

Scott said that, with the FBI's expertise with missing children, authorities have been conducting a simultaneous search and rescue operation with a criminal investigation, hoping to find leads.

The latter includes checking up on the resident and transient sex offenders in McCleary and neighboring communities and reviewing surveillance videos.

Scott said that there were a few businesses located just off the street Lindsey would have used to get home, and while the little girl did not appear in any of the videos, police have received clues about who was in the area at the time she disappeared.

Scott said witnesses were able to put Lindsey within a couple of blocks of her house just after 9:30 p.m. The last person reported to have seen her, he said, was a neighbor on her way to work.



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Anonymous said...

I am willing to give Wayne Watne $1000.00 to take a polygraph test. This should clear his name you would think he would want.

Blues-Guitarist Montreville Blakely in Natalie Merchant and Friends/ 2006-7 said...

Here's a copy of Grays Harbor Sex Offenders:

Here's a copy of Grays Harbor Transient Sex Offenders:

Listen: Most of the Grays Harbor Bus Routes during June 26th and before should be monitored as to any holdover in McCleary was, as any homeless person riding the bus could have access to a bus pass. The storage units are close to Lindsey's path home and anyone with a unit could have lured her by offering a free bike or other toys/ pretending they were moving away. A homeless person could have a unit there for cheap rent-- could have buried her inside(?), or drugged her and moved her to another location undetected. What about the white car Linsey complained about-- there was one in the alley way where the big green house is just across the alley from the storage units/ could that guy be the one stocking her(?)-- after all the green house has a bottom basement(?) opportunity for any madman to kidnap and hide her there-- someone she trusted casually as a friend(?)/ remember the trouble over the bicycle/?- was this common knowledge to the: bus drivers, service station attendants, adult friends of the family, or worse yet-- a trusted public official who has a record of suspicion for molesting kids/ but unproved? McCleary, Wa. had an elected official who was mentioned as a suspect back in the 1990's by a rental yard dealer and the Captain of the Police Force/(?)-- some big pills to swallow here, starting with the Pride Pill first! There was a Big Black Limo at the Shell Station in and about that time/ could Human Trafficking of Child Sacrifice:
be on the menu here/// such as the trumped up Bohemian Grove Society:

Finally-- is the FBI using there tools with human intelligence assisting their ponder? Often times they will research people and classify them as credible or not depending on their economic status and work history, or how many times they tried to help them in the past-- losing what might be another leaf to check out leading to a conclusion... and sometimes the people are deemed suspect just for trying to help-- thus limiting human intelligence and offers.
This suspect could be someone disabled living nearby- who in turn became trusted by Lindsey(?).
I am Blues-guitarist Montreville Blakely in Natalie Merchant and Friends/ 2006-7

Blues-guitarist Montreville Blakely in Natalie Merchant and Friends/2006-7 said...

Human Trafficking is dropped off in our country by hi-bidders to exploit children of the world/ including our own. I wanted to add this special government site in case any of you suspect Human Trafficking in you region:

With the time we have in our idle hours, spend some time researching... even when adults go out to muse themselves on adult sites-- PLEASE REPORT any indication of CHILD PORN or any EXPLOITATION of UNDERAGE CHILDREN... YOU Can Do This ANONYMOUSLY by COPY an PASTE and TIP Off the FBI for CRIMES TIP LINE.

We the people need to understand that our children are depending on us to break this cycle of madness... - How are we expected to teach other nations, unless we teach our own first-- to report and clean-up our own streets here in America first?
Your friend, I am Blues-guitarist Montreville Blakely in Natalie Merchant and Friends/ 2006-7

Anonymous said...

Well, after seeing the media lately from 2012 back in January and February, something seems mighty wrong about EMT/ and Jeweler Tim Hartman from McCleary, Wa./ i.e.-- in this brief excerpt in his interview with the local media news: [... "I still don't remember being here the night Lindsey disappeared, but
they have me at Mike's (Market) at 21:15 on their camera, 'cause I
looked at the picture, and I said, 'Yeah, that is me.' But I still don't remember being here at that time."

Hartman tells KOMO News he made an ambulance run later in the evening of
June 26, and when he returned to McCleary, the search for Lindsey already was under way.

He says Chief George Crumb of the McCleary Police Department then asked
him to join in the search, which he did. But Chief Crumb now says he
doesn't remember asking him to take part, Hartman says.] cited in this link: http://www.justice4caylee.org/t2548p135-lindsey-j-baum-10-yo-2009-mccleary-wa and in article: Re: LINDSEY J BAUM - 10 yo (2009) - McCleary WA
by kiwimom on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:30 am So-- If you put on your thinking caps a moment, it stands to reason that Tim Hartman actually went out of town taking the ambulance on a run.... and could he have already before the BP Gas Station/ aka Mike's Market-- given an injection to put Lindsey asleep after abducting her/? And, looking at the surprise on his face when the lady that was similar in body size to Lindsey's Mom went up to the counter, dropping things on the floor and constantly looking over his shoulder as if he thought he would be arrested.../? Just from the fact that a EMT/ Volunteer or not/ Firefighter-- knowing his way around in the Firelanes and Local County Roads as most Foresters and Firefighters are accustomed in knowing, Thus-- knowledge of buildings and water holes to water up Helicopters and the jumpers during WildFires.... You have a perfect person-- who could slip through the cracks at will-- and avoid investigators as a result of local authorities vouching his good name/?/! I remember on a TV Series/ "Psych" that the episode dealing with a person with three or more multiple personalities, each one shares the same body with-ought the other personalities knowing what wrong the negative character played out in real life. I know this is true, as I had dated a lady with such a problem... and I thought she was kidding/ Wrong! Is Tim Hartman just one person, or is he really a multiple personality disorder? Just by his own recollection, he does not remember things correctly, and even when his peers have not recalled asking him to help on the search for Lindsey that same evening in kind. Also, just to conclude my suspicion of multiple personality disorder here; Just look back at the prior residence where other missing teens and younger were counted in his demographics and the count after he left those addresses/? My gut feeling is that he might have returned after his insane handling of Lindsey Baum, and then discarded her in some place he might have known off-road/ i.e.-- fishing spots, old shacks... County Fire- Access Roads... you be the investigator i this one. And to rap it up, did Tim Hartman drink over there at Mr Nelson's party while the pre-teens were swimming the two days up until Lindsey's abduction? Is Mr Nelson not sharing all he knows about Tim Hartman-- because they are friends, and drinking during emergency watch status as a firemen is strictly forbidden while on duty... this could lose the job for Tim, and put more heat on him over this investigation-- don't you agree?

city said...

thanks for sharing..

Blues-Guitarist Montreville Blakely said...
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Blues-Guitarist Montreville Blakely said...
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Blues-Guitarist Montreville Blakely said...
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Blues-Guitarist Montreville Blakely said...
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Janet said...

So, have these guys, to your knowledge, ever been interviewed? You have a compelling theory. Or have the officials simply shelved the whole thing as a cold case?