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Monday, July 13, 2009

Gaffney Serial Killer Dead: Patrick Tracy Burris, 41

June 7, 2009

The Gaffney Serial Killer is now dead after being shot by police on early Saturday 6th of July, while allegedly attempting to rob a home in North Carolina. The Gaffney Serial Killer was suspected and wanted in a string of five murders just thirty miles away in South Carolina as described by the police. The Gaffney Serial Killer who terrorized Gaffney, SC, was killed in a police confrontation.

According to the police at a news conference in Gastonia, N.C, The suspect has been confirmed as Patrick Tracy Burris, who was 41 years old and wanted for parole violations. The Sheriff of Gaffney County “Bill Blanton” stated that the weapon which was used in North Carolina by Patrick Tracy Burris is the same as the weapon that was used in the South Carolina shootings.

Patrick Tracy Burris has many convictions for weapons possession, armed robbery, possessing stolen goods and forgery. According to the North Carolina prison record, there were previous charges filed against Burris for more than 7 years such as general crime breaking, larceny and breaking and entering in numerous states in the south-eastern United States without permission from parole officers to have crossed state lines.
Police said that they still don't know the reason behind the killings. It is a major victory for police because the capture/death of Patrick Tracy Burris, the Gaffney Serial Killer, will help to keep peace in county.

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