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Monday, July 20, 2009

State's attorney: Cops did not hit on Drew Peterson's fiancee

This is ridiculous...
This ho needs an attorney?
Who is paying for that?

July 17, 2009

The Los Angeles attorney representing Drew Peterson's young love shot down a claim from the accused wife-killer's lawyer that a state cop hit on her client.

"Chrissie has not had dinner with or gone to the movies with any police officer other than Drew Peterson and she has no interest in doing so," the attorney, Gloria Allred, said in a written statement. "She does not feel that she was 'hit on' by any police officer. We do not think there is a basis for filing a complaint against any police officer and we have no plans to file such a complaint."

Following a Tuesday court hearing, one of Peterson's attorneys, Joel Brodsky, announced that a state police detective asked Peterson's 24-year-old girlfriend, Christina Raines, to go out with him on a date.
So, would that be illegal? Do cops not date single women?

Brodsky failed to return calls for comment on Allred's statement...

Allred's involvement in the Peterson case is not the first time she has stepped into a high-profile murder prosecution. She represented Amber Frey, the girlfriend of convicted wife-killer Scott Peterson, and was also the attorney for the family of O.J. Simpson's slain wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Allred is the mother of television personality Lisa Bloom.

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