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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is strange carcass another ‘Montauk Monster’?

Blogger says new remains found on N.Y. beach smell like 'rotten garbage'

May 14, 2009

An odd creature has apparently washed up on New York's coast, sparking claims that it may be another so-called "Montauk Monster."

A similar carcass sparked an online and media frenzy last July after appearing at a popular surfing spot near Montauk, N.Y.

Nicky Papers, who runs a Web site dedicated to the mystery, says he was contacted by a couple on May 5 who "think they’ve found what appears to be the Montauk Monster" on the North Fork of Long Island.

Papers wrote that he traveled to Southold, N.Y., to view the remains.

"The beast smelled like a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage," Papers wrote. "It really smelled horrific. I couldn’t help but take numerous pictures of it and video clips."

He said the carcass was being kept in a "cooler full of ice."

'Race against the clock'Papers suggested there might be a link between the creature and the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

"If this is a genetic mishap from Plum Island, we’d like to sell the remains to an independent lab for study," he wrote on http://www.montauk-monster.com/. "It has become a race against the clock as the couple who originally found 'Beastie' are diligently putting more ice into the cooler to keep the carcass fresh."

Papers says he's "dedicated quite a bit of time to debunking all theories presented regarding the Montauk Monster" since establishing his Web site last summer.

"I haven't ruled out biological warfare on this yet," Papers added. "A diseased carcass floating in waterways around Long Island could be infecting the water."

Some bloggers speculated that the original "Montauk Monster" may have been a viral marketing ploy for an indie movie while others suggested it may actually be a decomposing dog, pig or raccoon.
I still think the 2008 critter is a pit-bull. This don't know--haven't seen any real photo's. Is there a good site?


Anonymous said...

This is cleary a serial killer in his early works. Killing dogs, then dumping them on beaches for public attention. That montauk-monster.com site is a fuckin load of shit. This only perpetuates the killer's motive and ensures that it will continue. I'm not even 19 years old and I know this fuckin shit is true. How can anyone possibly think that the bodies are aliens or whatever other bullshit they think it is? They're all fucked up. In the head.

Janet said...

They could be dumped so many places, the tide carries them out, then back. I don't know the waters around Long Island. I am assuming that this one is also a dog. And I suspect these are losers of dog fights. Dog fighting is horribly brutal.

And what kind of jerk would find a dead raccoon and think to set it on fire and float it out to see? How freaking sick is that? And he went on national TV to tell everyone about it.