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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Judge orders transcription of meeting in Casey Anthony financing case

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009

- We may finally learn just how Casey Anthony’s attorney is getting paid.
On Tuesday Judge Strickland granted a state motion requesting that a court reporter transcribe everything that was said in a side bar conference during a hearing held back on March 25th.
On that day, Casey Anthony, her attorney Jose Baez, prosecutors and the judge headed into a side room for what's called an in camera meeting. The hearing that day was on a state motion asking them to reveal how Casey Anthony was paying for her lawyers. After the hearing the judge said everything was okay by the rules.

The state attorney's office wants this private meeting transcribed for the trial and Tuesday’s order from the judge says the court reporter must have that typed up and in to him by 5 pm Thursday.

If this comes up at trial, we could finally find out what the financial agreement is between Casey Anthony and her defense team.

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Anonymous said...

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