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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Casey Anthony case: Records focus on day Caylee Anthony's remains

Right: Roy Kronk, Good Samaratin, Defense Victim

May 2, 2009

Records detail investigation into why it took so long for tips to be acted on

Sarah Lundy, Amy L. Edwards and Bianca Prieto
Sentinel Staff Writers

Documents released by the state this morning in the case against Casey Anthony focus on the discovery of her daughter's remains on Dec. 11 -- and why Caylee Anthony's bones weren't discovered four months earlier.

Orange County meter reader Roy Kronk found Caylee's skeletal remains in a wooded area less than a mile from the Anthonys' east Orange home.

That discovery, however, came after he alerted detectives multiple times about a suspicious bag in the woods in August. One deputy -- later identified as Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Cain -- failed to follow through on a tip.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is in the process of firing Cain, whose actions and job performance were the subject of an internal investigation in the wake the discovery. He is appealing the decision.

"You failed to thoroughly investigate the call for service which ultimately delayed the discovery of the remains of Ms. Caylee Anthony," Captain Larry D. Krantz wrote in the internal investigation report on March 30...

Hundreds of pages of documents include interviews with Kronk, his co-workers, Cain and other deputies.

According to the newly released documents, investigators questioned them about the days Kronk initially reported a suspicious bag and what happened on Dec. 11 when the meter reader -- upset that his tips had not been acted on -- returned to the area and found the remains.

FBI reports

Also among the documents are labratory reports from the FBI, which examined Caylee's remains and other evidence.

Hair samples taken from Caylee's remains were tested for a variety of drugs, with negative results. Examiners did not detect alprazolam, known under the trade name Xanax, or diazepam, marketed as Valium.

The FBI report states the hair sample was not tested for chloroform, "as this examination is not deemed probative by the FBI Laboratory's Chemistry Unit. Although the method used in this analysis allows for the detection of very small amounts of the drugs listed, negative results should not be interpreted as proof that the individual was not exposed to the drugs listed," the report stated. I haven't found these reports in the documents yet, life interupts, but I'll keep looking.

...There are no interviews with Anthony or anyone who has had contact with her. The video of her reaction to hearing about the discovery of her remains has not been released by the state. A hearing is set later this month to determine if that will be made public.

From what I've read so far most of this document release is OCSO making sure they follow every procedure and apply corrective action before Casey Anthony's trial.

Some of the information: Ex-sheriff's deputy Richard Cain was
  1. the responding officer on June 24 when George reported his gas & cans missing,
  2. the non-responding officer on Aug 11 and 12 when Roy Kronk reported the bag in the woods,
  3. the responding officer on Aug 13 when Roy Kronk waited for him at the site, then talked down to and insulted Kronk and failed to really investigate the bag,
  4. the responding officer when Keith Williams called to report finding an old thin bag full of "really nice" stuffed animals. (Could these be some of the stuffed animals left at the Anthony house by well-wishers after Caylee disappeared? Williams says he took them to the Anthony house and Cindy said "no...they arent' familiar" and seemed to act weird about them. Maybe the Anthony's bagged them up and tossed them out there. Maybe they have dumped other things there before--brush, limbs, etc. who knows...) Richard Cain tossed them back in the woods.
  5. the guy who called the Crimeline after the August reports to hopefully get the reward money if she was found there, and did not report himself as SHERIFF'S DEPUTY Cain.

Cain was interviewed on December 18, one week after Caylee's little bones were found, first at abt 9am and then another interview at just after 3pm when LE had spoken to others concerned and inconsistancies were revealed. The afternoon story changed from the one he gave in the morning, regarding his apparent lack of diligence in checking out the bag Roy Kronk kept reporting. As I've speculated before, I think the bastard didn't want to get his shoes wet.

In another interview in January Cain is clearly pissed off. His story changes again, and he is indignant. I guess he thinks all Law Enforcement officers are lazy schmucks. No Richard, just you and...well, just you.

Click Here to go to the file where the charges against him are listed. Scroll down to page 9, then 14 and on.

Most of the info in these newly released files are documentation leading up to the these charges against Cain. Transcripts from Cain, Kronk, Keith Williams the stuffed animal guy, his girlfriend, Kronks bosses and co-workers regarding the finding of the snake on August 11 and Caylee's bones on December 11. Also other officers who were there on the various dates.

Be back with FBI reports if I ever find them.


Anonymous said...

As I recall the story, Keith Williams found his bag of stuff in the woods behind the school that is close to the site where Caylee's remains were found. I did see that the school called the police on him and filed a report that he was trespassing on school property. My hinky meter goes off with this guy.

Janet said...

I don't find anything suspicious about anyone except Casey Anthony, although she will try to shift the blame to anyone possible. ANYONE. If she could pin it on her old grandpa, she would do it.

The fact that people like Keith Williams and Roy Kronk looked and thought they saw something that might be of value to LE, only to have themselves and motives scrutinized is shameful. Families go on national TV and BEG people to go search, and when they do and actually find something, they risk being blamed for the crime. Hell, why try to help?

Pretty soon Tim Miller will be accused of being a serial killer because he always turns up where someone is missing, usually to have been killed.

I mean, is there no end to it??? sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I feel there is something very strange about Mr. Kronk...He seems very shady to me..In his 1st interview with detectives..He claims the first encounter was ..He was in the woods with his partner/partners..and he saw what he thought was a "human skull"..he told his partner/partners..but they didn't see anything...he then went home and told his girlfriend, who said to call it in to the police...so he did. The next time he went back to the wooded area..."a few days later"....He saw a completely closed "BLACK" plastic bag...he poked into it with his baton...and a human skull fell out at his feet. My question is,,,during the first encounter...how did he see a "HUMAN SKULL" through a "COMPLETELY CLOSED BLACK PLASTIC BAG"????? Hmmm.....I wonder?