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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wichita, Kansas, the Murder of Carol Mould: 55-year-old arrested in woman's 2004 murder

Right: Carol Mould
May 21, 2009

– A fire turned murder – turned cold case mystery.
Wichita, Kansas - Thursday afternoon family members confirmed to KSN an arrest has been made in the murder of Carol Mould.

Butler County Sheriff Craig Murphy said during a news conference Thursday that a 55-year-old Bulter County man has been arrested for the murder.

It was 2004 that 43-year-old Carol Mould’s body was found inside her Benton home. Someone had set fire to the body, destroying most of the evidence.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Department put a plea out for tips and offered a reward for information in the case.

Officials say the man will be formally charged in court Friday.
NO NAME?? Augh! It is time we find out the truth about Carol's death. She had been out in the yard mowing grass the last time she was seen. When the house was reported on fire, Carol was found inside.
In 2004, Dennis Rader, the local serial killer was suspected by many as her murder for some time. But when he was caught, he couldn't shut up, bragging about all the people he killed and how he did it, but no Carol Mould.

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