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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Murder of Meredith Kercher, truejustice.com update

Right: Meredith Kercher, Lower Right, Merediths parents.
I have to say, Italian forensics are not up to par in by U.S. standards.
While the prosecutor seems a little bit nutso to me, he doesn't seem incompetent either. The 'sex game' story doesn't cut the mustard with me. (what does that mean, to 'cut the mustard'?)
A sex game with an unwilling participant is not a game, imo. Yet, Amanda
and Raffeale do not seem totally innocent in this whole story. On the U.S. side of the pond many think she is innocent, while most of Italy believes in her guilt.
If Amanda did in fact steal money from Meredith or owed her money for some reason, that could indicate motive. Amanda had only been in Perugia for two months so it doesn't seem that she would need money already. Maybe towards the end of the school year, but her mother said that Amanda had saved 10K for the trip which doesn't seem enough for rent, utilities and food for the year.
But at the first of November it seems to me she would still be flush. Meredith had complained about the caliber of men Amanda brought to the house.
And it could be that although Amanda seems to be a sweet typical college student, she WAS plucky enough to want to go to Italy by herself to study for a year and as we all know, looks can be decieving. She could be a manipulative narcissist.
I am not taking either side on this one. Just don't know.
Saturday Morning At Trial: Bloody Footprints Said To Match The Defendants
Posted by Peter Quennell
May 9, 2009

Bloodstained footprints found at the house where British student Meredith Kercher was stabbed to death fit her alleged killers, a court has heard.

Forensic scientists found one imprint on a bath mat and three more in the corridor leading from Meredith’s bedroom to that of suspect Amanda Knox.

The court heard how imprints were taken of Knox, 21, and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 25....

Police scientist Dr Lorenzo Rinaldi told the Italian court his forensic evidence was discovered by using Luminol - a substance that turns blue in the presence of blood.

“From our investigations we were able to conclude that the footprint found on the bath mat was compatible with that of Sollecito as was one found in the corridor using Luminol,” Dr Rinaldi said.
“We also found that a naked footprint found in Knox’s bedroom and in the corridor outside, again using Luminol, was compatible with the one taken from her in prison.”

Dr Rinaldi explained to the court how microscopic point to point measurements such as ‘’heel to toe’’ or ‘’toe and arch width’’ were used to identify the imprints.
ABC Summarizes What Happened On Friday At Trial
Posted by Peter Quennell
May 10, 2009
There was the showing of the 94-minute forensic-team video in the morning, and then this.
Only one fingerprint belonging to Knox was found in the house she had shared with Kercher and two Italian women. Giuseppe Privitera, a police print expert, testified that a print from Knox’s right index finger was identified on a glass found in the sink.

A total of 61 prints were taken into evidence at the scene of the crime. Of these, all but 13 were identified as belonging to various people who had been in the house. Five prints belonged to Sollecito, said Privitera, two of which were found on the outside of Kercher’s bedroom door.

Only one print belonging to Guede was identified, but it was significant. His bloody palm-print was found on a pillow under Kercher’s body. The blood was Kercher’s blood.

More detailed information on the prints from Adnkronos, with a comment from poster Nicki:
The Adnkronos report lists a total of 108 papillar fragmented prints, of which 61 usable and 48 are for certain attributed to RS (5) AK (1), RG (1) Meredith (17).

The rest have been attributed to the Italian girls and to the victim’s boyfriend (41 altogether). The other 13 prints are unknown.

It’s strange how they only found one print of AK, versus 17 of Meredith, and 41 of the two roomates plus boyfriend. After all, she lived there.

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