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Friday, May 15, 2009

Neighbor Told Police He Saw Drew Peterson, 2nd Man, Loading Barrel Into SUV

Originally posted Nov 7, 2007

A neighbor of Drew Peterson told police he saw the husband of missing mom Stacy Peterson and an unidentified man loading a barrel "big enough to put someone in" into the former cops SUV, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sources told the paper that police are searching for the second man (who turned out to be Peterson step-brother Thomas Morphey) after the neighbor described the barrel as blue with a volume of between 35 and 55 gallons, the paper reports...

This is a repost from an article of foxnews.com on November 7, 2007. So, even though Peterson denies that the blue barrel story ever happened and accuses his step-brother of being a juicer, druggie and mentally imbalanced to boot, this neighbor made his statement to Illinois state police before Thomas Morphey's name was ever muttered.
Thomas Morphey told the story to his neighbor claiming he was sure Stacy's body was in the barrel, even though Stacy had not been reported missing yet.

Sharon Bychowski babysat the children while Drew visited Tom in the hospital and told her later that Morphey's breakdown was because he had lost his job, lost his family. When his friends turned on him he claims THEY lost their jobs, losing thier house. Same with his buddy Ric Mims. He claims Stacy's family are 'gutter rats' and low lifes. He's the low life.

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