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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Officer Runs Over Sun Bather

May 2, 2009

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL -- A woman sun bathing on Jacksonville Beach Friday was run over by a patrol unit driving along the shore.

It happened around 3:15 p.m. on 14th Avenue South. According to investigators, a Jacksonville Beach Police officer was patrolling the beach in an SUV.

Officer Lewis Keller tried to turn his SUV around when he ran over 41-year-old Anne Marie Griffin of Jacksonville who was hidden behind a mound of sand, according to police. In other words, she was laying on one side, not 'hidden' and he decided to give his SUV a little workout on the mounds. He's responsible for this one imo.

Keller immediately got out of the SUV and pulled Griffin from underneath the vehicle.
She was taken to Shands with head and torso injures.

This is the latest of about half a dozen people run over by vehicles on the beaches of Florida this year alone. I don't see that it would be that hard to see people laying in your path. Maybe these cops need to slow down and look at where they are driving.


Anonymous said...

It would be cheaper & safer for them to just WALK..

Anonymous said...

It probably squeezed the shat out of her.

She lost like 5 lbs real fast.

I saw photo of her thanking officer.