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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family, residents react to Carol Mould murder arrest

Right: Carol and Doug Mould

By KSNW News
May 21, 2009

BUTLER COUNTY, Kansas - After years of waiting for word on what happened to Carol Mould, for friends and family, the news of a break in the case hit them like a bolt out of the blue Thursday.

Carol Mould's mother and son listened in on a press conference announcing the news that an arrest has finally been made in her murder. It's been nearly five years since she was killed. Her son wasn't expecting to hear police had finally cracked the case when his father called him early Thursday morning and told him to come home. "Shock - you just don't expect that," said Richard Mould, Carol's son.

Mould's mother, Joanne Stackley, says after the case grew cold she was surprised she lived long enough to see an arrest made in her daughter's murder. But she says an arrest alone won't bring her closure.

"I suppose I should stand here and say I'm happy it's all over with, but it isn't because you stop and think we don't know this man did anything until he's convicted," Joanne said.

In the tiny town of Benton everyone either knew Carol Mould or knows someone she's related to. They say this case has always been in the back of residents' minds and they're relieved someone is finally locked up for her murder.

"Finally, finally -- the family deserves to know," said Benton resident Lynn Ghormley. "That's a good thing."

"She was such a nice person," said resident Linda Walker. "It was such a shock to everyone it happened. She's greatly missed."

Some in Benton were worried as more time passed it was less likely anyone was ever going to be arrested for the crime. Now, they'll be watching closely to see if the case results in a conviction.

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