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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exclusive from Art Harris on Haleigh Cummings Case

Remember this little girl to the right? Haleigh Cummings is missing and has been since Feb. 10.

April 28, 2009
Art Harris, The Bald Truth

In an exclusive,wide-ranging interview, the lead investigator in the Haleigh Cummings case tells the The Bald Truth he’s holding out hope the missing five year old could be alive.

“I didn’t think so for a long time, based on statistics for these kinds of missing children cases,” Captain Dominic Piscatello, chief of major crimes for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, told me Monday. “But now, based on what we’ve learned, I’m holding out hope..."

According to her family, Misty just retained an attorney, like her husband. In an exclusive interview several weeks ago, she told me she didn’t need one “because only guilty people need a lawyer.”

...[Christina] Prevatt aka Nay Nay was back in the Putnam County Jail Tuesday...she was rebooked after William Staubs, aka “Cobra,” pro bono private eye and bounty hunter, tracked her to a “filthy” Palatka crash pad, and announced he was revoking her $2,400 bond on drug charges. He’d bailed her out last week...then learned she’d allegedly tried to snatch her own child, a nine month old girl named Destiny, from the father, Donovan Spells, 47.

Captain Piscatello hopes to harvest clues from all the emotional chaos, and within minutes of her booking, had investigators grilling her again about what she knew about Haleigh’s disappearance or anyone who might know...“all we need is a break.”
Art Harris has pages of information on this case. Please go to his site via the links above.
Or here. It seems many people are letting it fade. Kudos to Art for staying on it.
I've tried not to be a bitch about the cast of characters and the town and all, but SHEESH!
What is wrong with these people? It appears the men are all thugs, the women accept being 2nd class citizens, and they seem to have a intricate genealogical web, where women have babies with a baby daddy, and the daddies and grandparents have custody of the babies. I am surprised Misty has two brothers who are married. Marriage doesn't seem to hold much stock in this generation in Putnam County, Florida.
There is a LOT wrong here, and no one wants to stand up and say it. Ron Cummings and the little missus and their respective families are WAY messed up. It is not just being backwoodsy and ignorant. Ron is an abuser, a bully, a control freak and a drug dealer who gets away with it by informing to the Sheriff's Office, and is more than likely aided and abetted by his mother, the police dispatcher. Misty is an immature, uneducated drug addict who is so stupid she thinks Ron Cummings is good husband material. They both seem to like to whore around and are both street smart with just enough intelligence to be manipulative. Both are bad liars.

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