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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cindy Anthony: Caylee's Body Was Planted

Cindy Anthony Says She Beleives Caylee's Body Was Planted To Incriminate Casey
April 10, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The parents of Casey Anthony were deposed for several hours in a civil case against their daughter. George Anthony and his wife Cindy Anthony, who arrived with a video camera and a tripod at the deposition, were questioned under oath Thursday afternoon.

Cindy Anthony yelled at attorney John Morgan while leaving the deposition regarding comments Morgan made about her not looking for her missing granddaughter... George Anthony refused questions about opening Casey Anthony's trunk and whether Cindy Anthony asked anyone to check the woods off Suburban Drive where Caylee's remains were eventually found.

Cindy Anthony said she believes someone put Caylee's body in the woods after hearing Casey Anthony say she felt Caylee was nearby. She noted that when a private investigator searched the woods months before Caylee's remains were found, he did not find anything.

A recording of George Anthony's deposition shows Anthony growing frustrated with the questions and arguing with Morgan over pronunciation of the name Zanny. "Am I upset sir? You're darn right I'm upset being here. I think this is just uncalled for," George Anthony said.

...Morgan admitted he is conducting a homicide investigation, saying the homicide case is relevant to his defamation suit against Casey Anthony. "Who committed this murder has everything to do with Zenaida Gonzalez because whoever committed this murder means Zenaida didn't," Morgan said...

"It's frivolous, and he needs to just get back to chasing the ambulances," said Cindy Anthony, referring to Morgan. "Instead of talking about chasing ambulances, I would be talking about chasing after Caylee. I would be back in the woods," Morgan said in response.

Earlier this week, the state attorney's office mistakenly released audio recordings of a corrections officer detailing what happened. She said Casey Anthony hyperventilated upon hearing the news and requested sedatives.

Casey Anthony's hearing is scheduled for May 7, when her attorney Jose Baez fights to block the release of video that shows Casey when Caylee's remains were found.


Anonymous said...

Chino,CA: I think about it the parents wont say anthing about their daughter. but I do hope they also think about lil-Caylee, she needs justice I know it hurts the grandparents because they lost their sweet lil-angel & thier daughter is in jail but they need to speak up please tell the truth if you both know something do it for the love you have for the lil angel of Caylee, Casey knew what she was doing so I dont think she needs no MERCY at all because she didn't think about her lil-girl benig kill she show no feeling about her baby. I'm a parent of 4 children and I have never though of hurting my kids they are my world how could this crazy B do this to a lil-angel. Dont you feel guilty of doing what you did??? Garndparents please think about lil-Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is so right!! Tell the truth George and Cindy. Do the right thing. You already faced the worst hurt in the world. You can believe id they knew or actually believed Casey was innocent, they would be begging to cooperate so the real killer could be caught. They are worried about Casey and not worried at all about a child killer on the loose. Cindy and George, you can't change the truth. Just tell it.