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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Peterson attorney: Polygraph test shaky

September 30, 2008

Dan Rozek, AP

Drew Peterson was deceptive in answering three questions about his fourth wife's disappearance, lie detector tests showed, but his attorney said Monday he believes the polygraph -- not Peterson -- was unreliable.

"I don't trust polygraphs," lawyer Joel Brodsky said.

Peterson took two lie-detector tests for a book due out this week on the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, and the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

In a TV appearance, the 54-year-old ex-Bolingbrook cop said he doesn't know why the tests showed he was "deceptive" in answering questions about when he last saw Stacy Peterson, whether he knows where she is and whether she told him she was leaving him.

Brodsky said Peterson was truthful, noting the test didn't raise red flags about Peterson's answers to similar questions about his fourth wife.

Though Peterson cooperated with the author of Drew Peterson Exposed, that doesn't mean he's thrilled with the outcome. "It's much more negative than we would have liked," Brodsky said.

1 comment:

Politely Asking said...

Don't believe Drew's pretense at being concerned about the book being "negative".

I've read it and the author was obviously paid to write a pro-Drew book.

Far from a work of investigative journalism, the author interviews only Peterson, his lawyer, his publicist and the man who did the polygraph exams.

The author writes disparagingly about anyone who has worked with the ISP to try to get an arrest. The bias is almost laughable.

I'm not sure what Peterson's PR and defense team thought they were doing by getting this pro-drew book written and then marketing it as a "stinging indictment" of Peterson. It just comes off as really bi-polar.