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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grand Jury Set To Meet In Casey Anthony Case

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ORLANDO -- Final preparations are under way before Casey Anthony's grand jury hearing next week.

George Anthony, Casey’s father, handed out Caylee fliers in the Lee Vista neighborhood Saturday.
The Kid Finder's Network has a tent set up along Chickasaw Trail, as well as a billboard of Caylee Marie.

George answered questions and gave out T-shirts to passers-by.

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony spent several hours at her attorney's office to prepare for the hearing. Although it's been quiet in the Anthony neighborhood, residents who live along Grandee Drive said they just want the hearing to be over with so they can start getting life back to normal without protesters or media.

EquuSearch Returns To Look For Caylee, Jennifer Kesse

Search and recovery team Texas EquuSearch is back in Central Florida to resume the search for Caylee Anthony as her mother, Casey, works her way through the court system on child neglect charges. See previous story.

EquuSearch spokesman Tim Miller said the group hopes to start searching by late Sunday or Monday, because the ground is too saturated this weekend.

Miller said he believes Caylee is dead, but the 3-year-old deserves a proper burial.
"My heart goes out to the Anthony family," Miller said. "It's a position they've never wanted to be put in, and I can empathize with them."

Along with the search for Caylee, EquuSearch will be working with law enforcement to work on the case of Jennifer Kesse, who has been missing for more than two years after vanishing from her condominium in January 2006.

Casey Granted Access To Evidence

A judge Friday granted Casey access to some evidence after a motion hearing.

Judge Stan Strickland allowed Casey to access her car, as well as forensic tests completed by authorities trying to figure out what happened to Caylee.

Casey has been called a suspect in her daughter's disappearance, but has so far only been charged with child neglect.

"Casey is elated and excited that we had this motion granted," said Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer.

The judge did not rule on whether Casey could leave her home to help search for her daughter. lol.

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