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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lawyer With Death Penalty Experience Joins Casey Anthony Team

October 21, 2008

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey Anthony's rookie lawyer is getting some help. Jose Baez doesn't have the credentials to try a death penalty case, so he's enlisted the help of a Miami lawyer who's defended some brutal murderers.

Miami criminal defense attorney Terence Lenamon has joined the Casey Anthony defense team. Two of the three high-profile murderers Eyewitness News knows he's defended are on death row. The other is serving five consecutive life sentences.

Terence Lenamon would not talk to Eyewitness News on Tuesday. He's now part of accused killer Casey Anthony's defense team. She could face the death penalty for the murder of her daughter Caylee. Her attorney, Jose Baez, is not qualified to handle death penalty cases, but Lenamon is.

Lenamon is a highly-rated defense attorney. Still, two of three high-profile murderers he's defended in recent years are on Florida's death row.

One of them is known as "The Miami Stranger." Harrel Franklin Braddy, 59, was sent to death row last year for literally feeding little Quatisha Maycock to the alligators in the Everglades after strangling her mother and leaving her for dead. The jury voted 11-1 for death. Braddy had already been convicted of choking a corrections officer. Lenamon had tried to convince the jury the little girl's murder was not intentional, but "a horrible mistake".

Two months ago, a jury voted 8-4 to send another of Lenamon's clients to death row, 31-year-old Wadada Delhall, for murdering a key witness who testified against his brother in a murder case.

One of his high-profile Miami murder clients did escape the death penalty. Cesar Mena, 29, a member of the so-called "Orlando Boys," who raped and killed Ana Maria Angel and stabbed her high school sweetheart, is serving five consecutive life sentences.

Casey's defense attorney keeps insisting Caylee is still alive, even though a grand jury indicted her for premeditated murder after hearing the evidence the FBI and Orange County sheriff's investigators have against her.

If Caylee's body is not found before trial, it's unlikely Baez will need help from a death penalty-qualified attorney, because without a body there probably would be no push for the death penalty.


Now Casey Anthony has a little money to play with in jail. Her bail bondsman deposited $51.26 into her jail account Tuesday. That's more than the $50 her father gave her.

So what could Casey buy with her $100-plus from the jail commissary? She could get a moon pie for 60 cents, a bra for $5.99, about the same price she paid at Target, or she could buy herself a sympathy card for $2.
Maybe she needs some chapstick...and shampoo. haha. What a funny name, shampoo. I wonder what the origin of that was.

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Bobcat Bill@facebook.com said...

Jose Baez is just a "wannabe"! I wonder what Casey has promised him if he gets her off...lol ?