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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Casey Anthony Grand Jury Meeting Details Leaked

ORLANDO -- Casey Anthony's defense team and neighbors in her family's community are outraged that the grand jury will meet, and that information on the meeting was leaked to the media.

Information that 15 to 21 randomly chosen people will decide Tuesday whether Casey Anthony is indicted on homicide charges was leaked earlier in the week.

The Supreme Court states the secrecy to all grand jury proceedings is of the utmost importance to protect grand jury members from outside pressure or intimidation.

"I thought that info was confidential," said Shelly Soltis, a resident of Lee Vista. "I don't know how it got leaked or where you would even find the information for the community to be involved in that, to see what's going on. I was very surprised that press knew all about this jury."
Florida only holds a grand jury for capital cases, any crime for which the maximum punishment is death.

Although it has been quiet in the Anthony neighborhood, residents said they just want the hearing to be over with, so they can start getting life back to normal, without protesters or media.

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