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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anne Pressly, TV Anchor's Credit Card Used at Gas Station After Attack

The credit card of a television anchor woman left in critical condition after a brutal beating in her home was used in the minutes following the attack.

Anne Pressly's credit card was used at a Shell gas station near her Little Rock, Ark., home between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Monday morning, an attendant told America's Most Wanted.

Shell station clerk Shiva Reddy told FOX16.com that police did visit the station at Interstate 30 and 9th Street on Tuesday to request surveillance video from early Monday morning, in the hours around the time Pressly was brutally beaten.

"They just got the video," Reddy told FOX16.com.
Police returned on Wednesday afternoon to take photos and collect evidence, the station said. FOX16.com decided to wait 24 hours before reporting the new information to assist police with their case, the station said.

Another Shell employee told FOX16.com that the security cameras "are everywhere" at the station.
Meanwhile, Sgt. Cassandra Davis said Pressly's medical condition still stops investigators from asking who attacked her and what happened at her home.

Davis said investigators have "no idea when we'll be able to talk to her."

Pressly's mother found the anchor with Little Rock ABC affiliate KATV battered and bleeding early Monday morning in bed at her home.

Her family issued a statement Thursday saying that the 26-year-old was still in critical condition but was listed as stable.

"The swelling in her brain is beginning to subside," the statement said. "Doctors are encouraged by her progress at this point."

Detectives continue to search for the blunt object used to beat Pressly around her head and upper body. The sergeant declined to discuss what evidence officers recovered from Pressly's home or in searches of her neighborhood near the Little Rock Country Club.

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