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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The "Montauk Monster" mystery solved?

Mystified by the poor carcass that washed ashore on a Montauk beach recently, I did some serious looking at it and I believe it is a Pitbull, dumped in the ocean, probably after losing a fight.

Note the shape of the head. The eyes and ears are located just as a Pitbull. The ears are consistant with a Pit.

On the dead animal, all of the top teeth are missing, as is the entire muzzle.

With the teeth and muzzle missing, the part of the skull where the front teeth should be protrudes, causing it to look like a beak.

Look at the location and shape of the nasal cavity on the dead animal compared to the skull.

Compare the fangs on the dead animal to the lower fangs on the skull below--see how they curve outwards.

The hair that is left appears to be from a Pit that is Brindle colored.

You can see even in its decomposed condition that it had powerful chest muscles.

Other than that, it appears to be about the same size as a Pit, although there is nothing else in the photo to suggest scale.

And last, it is terribly bloated and had been in the water long enough to loose most of the hair, and with the muzzle missing, it has an eerily, monsterous look.

One of the witnesses of the animal said it looked like it had "died angry". I don't know in what way they meant, but with most of its face gone, it's not going to be very happy.

Of course that could have happened in the water, but if it was sea creatures eating on it, the ears and toes/claws and tail would also be gone.

I would like to read comments from everyone. I really think its a Pitbull.


Anonymous said...

Touche' I believe you may be correct. I'm basing this on absolutely nothing scientific, but it surely seems like a plausible explanation. Very good.

Anonymous said...

I can give you detailed reasonings based on numerous aspects of the Montauk Monster that shows it is a raccoon, and not a dog.,

If you desire to know them, just e-mail me at Lagomortis@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

I believe your theory and it truly breaks my heart to see a gentle animal treated in such a way.

Anonymous said...

but why would someone throw a dog to the sea ?

i would kill the one who did it and then throw him or her to the sea and see if it likes it !!!!

Anonymous said...

how can it be a dog anyway the first montauk monster turned out just to be a dead raccoon what if it isn't just another dead raccoon?