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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casey Anthony at home with family

Walter Pacheco and Bianca Prieto
Sentinel Staff Writer
August 21, 2008

An entourage of vehicles, including the black Dodge Durango transporting Anthony from the Orange County Jail, converged at the Anthonys' home. The garage door opened, the Durango pulled in and the door rolled down.
The other vehicles left the property, except for a BMW. Her attorney's co-counsel Michael Walsh walked out of the house and escorted two men from the BMW into the home. He told reporters that Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, will make a statement after his client spends some time with her family.
Shortly afterward, a Domino's Pizza driver pulled up to the Anthony home and delivered a medium pizza.

Before arriving at her parent's house, her brother, Lee Anthony, asked reporters to step away from the sidewalk. The Anthonys did not comment about their daughter, but threatened to fend reporters off their property.
"Take the hose to them," yelled her mother, Cindy Anthony. The threat sent reporters off the property and into the street.
The 22-year-old mother of missing Caylee Marie had walked out of jail just after 10:30 a.m. under an umbrella and flanked by Baez and another man. She was wearing the same blue hooded top she wore on the day of her arrest -- more than one month ago. Anthony was visibly shaken and had a blank look on her face as dozens of media crews swarmed around her.
All three walked into the Durango and headed to her parent's home, where she will remain under home confinement. Anthony left the jail fitted with an electronic device on her ankle that will monitor her activity.
Once she arrives at her parent's home, "[Anthony] must immediately hook up the receiver to the phone line and wait 20 minutes to call the home confinement officer who is also her case manager," Allen said.
Anthony, whose 3-year-old daughter was reported missing July 15, has been at the Orange County Jail for more than a month. Clearwater bondsman Al Estes posted her $500,200 bail at the jail Wednesday evening.
Moore said that by the time Anthony leaves the jail, all three hurdles that had to be cleared before her release -- including the home confinement requirement -- should be satisfied. One was notifying the Orange County Sheriff's Office of her release from the jail and the last was undisclosed.
Anthony faces charges of child neglect, a felony; and filing a false report, a misdemeanor."She is going to help find Caylee," said Anthony's attorney, José Baez. "There are certain things that the police haven't pursued. We're going to pursue that."
Quidina Edwards read a statement on behalf of Robert Sabo, senior vice president of Financial Casualty & Surety Inc., the Texas company that backed the bond: "Personally, I believe that there is no punishment too severe for anyone that harms a child. However, I also believe in our Constitution and the vital function our industry serves in helping individuals with their constitutional rights."

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