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Monday, August 25, 2008

Leonard Padilla, Bounty Hunter: I Know Who Has Caylee Anthony

ORLANDO -- Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla came to Central Florida to pay the more than $500,000 bond to get Casey Anthony out of jail.

Padilla said he thought having her out would lead to Caylee's safe return. But on Sunday night Padilla said he thinks Casey handed off Caylee to a friend, because she was trying to get away from her parents.

He said he knows who has the girl and is giving them a deadline to turn her over before he goes after them. Meanwhile, Casey Anthony will report to the jail Monday to meet with her case manager for a weekly visit.

I think this guy is a great big blow-hard. I'm totally unimpressed with the howdy-doody outfits and tough talk. It's really going to hurt when he swallows that toothpick.

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