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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Caylee Anthony: Casey's Mom To Visit Jail After Questioning

ORLANDO -- The grandparents of Caylee Anthony continue to meet with investigators in hopes of finding the missing 2-year-old.

Meanwhile, investigators, family and friends continue to plead with Caylee's mother, Casey, for information on her daughter's whereabouts.

Casey's mother, Cindy, is scheduled to meet with her at the Orange County Jail Tuesday.

Casey Anthony is being held on charges of child neglect, making false statements and obstructing an investigation.

Police said Casey lied to them, and did not report Caylee missing for more than a month after the toddler disappeared.

Casey Anthony has not been charged in the disappearance, but prosecutors called her a person of interest, and said she is not cooperating with investigators.

Caylee turns 3 Saturday. Her grandfather hopes to have her home safe in time for her birthday.

Investigators said Monday they are waiting for the results of FBI lab testing on some evidence they collected in the case, but said they may not release those results based on what they reveal.

There have also been reports someone involved with this case may be asking for immunity. But so far, investigators and the State Attorney's Office will not confirm that.

If you know anything about where Caylee may be, contact CrimeLine, at (800) 423-TIPS.


Anonymous said...

Caylee is dead. Everyone knows it. What a lost of a life. A so called mom did not want her, and she poured drain-o on the girl to get rid of the body. Thats why she can't be found.

Anonymous said...

We contacted the so called police and they dont want nothing to do with the case any more. We told them that I had information that may be helpful to the case. They said to me as far as they are concerned that the girl is dead and they wont waste no more time looking for her.

Anonymous said...

They have now identified the remains as Caylee. She was murdered; they haven't determined her cause of death yet, but the fact that the body was in a plastic bag and the mouth was duct taped shut probably helped to indicate that this was foul play.

What kind of monster does it take to do something like this to any child, much less an angel child like this? If the mother didn't want her, I'm sure there are THOUSANDS of people who'd be glad to take her. She could have taken her to a local hospital or something. Not murdered her.

Angela from Aberdeen

targetingkeywords said...

Poor little girl. She could've been someone someday.

Free iTunes Codes said...

Wow this is tragic. It is obvious that she is dead... Altough we would hate to admit it but its true. If anything I hope that mother gets sent to prison for life for doing this to her daughter.

ecosway said...

Pity little girl...


Anonymous said...

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