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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Vigil Planned For Anniversary Of Caylee's Death

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Some of the many people who helped search for slain toddler Caylee Anthony are planning a vigil to mark the one year anniversary of her death.

A source told WESH 2 the vigil will be held June 16 -- the day investigators believe Caylee died...

Organizers hope to hold the event at Jay Blanchard Park in East Orange County. The event will include a balloon release and communal prayer...

As for the new member of Casey Anthony's defense team, Andrea Lyon...and her sister, Rachel, have produced controversial documentaries covering media, race and their relationship to the death penalty.

In two documentaries produced by her sister, Lyon has taken the position that the media unfairly portrays African Americans, and that stereotype contributes to people of color being dealt death sentences unfairly...

Casey Anthony is not a person of color, but her defense team has cited negative coverage as one reason to move the trial out of Orange County. Lyon said her first priority is to convince the judge the evidence is not there to warrant the state seeking death.
Judge Delays Decision On Jail Video

June 1, 2009
The newest member of Casey Anthony's defense team said there is no way Anthony's trial will start in October.

Andrea Lyon, a professor at DePaul University College of Law, was introduced at a hearing Thursday. Lyon is to handle death-penalty matters.

Lyon, who has requested the time to get up to speed on the case; also said she will prove the case does not qualify for the death penalty. She said motions will be filed in the next few months showing that the state does not have sufficient evidence to prove that Anthony's case is a death penalty case. Life without parole would be ok with me, too.

Thursday morning's hearing on the release of a jail video of Anthony ended without a decision.
Prosecutors argued that they have not had enough time to review and response to the new motion. Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland also wanted to give attorneys for media outlets seven days to argue for the release under the state's public records law. Anthony’s attorney filed the motion late Wednesday laying out arguments for why the jail video of Anthony should be sealed...

Strickland also heard arguments from several people who have objected to the defense's request for their phone records, including Roy Kronk, the former meter reader who found Caylee's remains. The judge is requiring Baez to amend the motion to limit the amount of information he is seeking...

The jail video was made on the day a child’s body was found in December 2008. The child was identified later as Anthony’s daughter, Caylee.

In his motion, attorney Jose Baez argues that the videotaping was orchestrated to “get some reaction to the discovery of Casey Anthony’s remains believing that it was evidential in some way.”

Baez said the video also captured part of his meeting with Casey Anthony in jail that same day. Although there is no sound on the video, Baez claims it is a violation of Casey's right to attorney-client privilege.

Also Thursday, Baez will argue why he should be entitled to subpoena a sweeping amount of information from a number of key players in the case; much of it revolves around telephone records.

Just this week, one of the people subpoenaed, Casey's former fiancée, Jesse Grund, filed an objection in court saying Baez' subpoena is too broad and would constitute an invasion of privacy.
Others, including Casey Anthony's friend Amy Huizenga and the man who discovered Caylee's remains, Roy Kronk, have filed similar objections...

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, there are still some who are not persuaded that she is indeed guilty of a crime and would like to keep it that way by hiding potentially incriminating evidence such as videotapes... which makes you seriously doubt if Baez has no affection for his charge. Actions speak louder than words, and there's nothing louder than Baez' continued persuasive tactics to ensure that Casey is pronounced innocent.