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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anthony Document Dump June 12, 2009--Prairie Chicken version

Gonzalez vs. Anthony April 9, 2009
Transcript of the already released video of George behaving badly during his deposition.

Gonzalez vs. Anthony April 9, 2009
Transcript of the already released video of Cindy behaving badly during her deposition.

Gonzalez vs. Anthony Case No: 08-CA-24573
Transcript of Video deposition of Lee Anthony. March 3, 2009

Attorney For plaintiff: John B Morgan, Keith Mitnik; for defendant: Thomas Luka

Between Lee Anthony’s overall boring demeanor, his pompous attitude, and curiously arrogant choice of words and Mr. Morgan’s sugary-sweet, southern-gentleman manners and annoying way of asking the same question a dozen different ways, this is a very, very dry read. 183 pages. We've already seen this but I'm hitting the highlights anyway.

Lee's testimony:

The first time he heard the name Zenaida Gonzalez was after the phone call that Casey and Cindy had after Casey had been arrested. Cindy gave him that name after they got off the phone. Cindy had heard Zanny before; he had heard neither name.

Refuses to answer who he thinks Caylee’s father was, says he's not 100%.

Casey told him that whomever had Caylee had reset Casey’s MySpace and Yahoo password to Timer55, to indicate that Casey had 55 days to change some behavior and get Caylee back (it was 55 days from June 15 to Caylee’s birthday August 9.

Casey deleted all communications on MySpace on July 4, the day after Lee tried to find her at the Dragon Room by reading her page. Everything from the end of April through July 3. Casey claimed to Lee that Z had done the deleting.

Pertaining to imaginary Jeff Hopkins from Jacksonville, “…we had different PI’s and things like that so they would run the name.” Names Dominic Casey as primary PI.

Tells the Jay Blanchard Park abduction story. That she went to drop Caylee off at Blanchard, so the alleged abduction was between 12 noon and 2:00pm on June 16, 2008.

My own thoughts, in Gonzalez defense, why would she meet Casey at a park to have this whole drama filled episode, with her nieces in the backseat? Why in a public park where there could be witnesses anywhere? Why risk the chance of a car chase, or Casey to follow dialing 911? She says Zani loved Caylee, then why would Zani traumatize Caylee in that way? Would have been so much better to have simply hidden out with the child somewhere without the confrontation.

“Casey said that she sat down on a bench with Zenaida kind of watching the kids play and whatnot. Z and C were in a conversation at one point and she remembers Z grabbing Casey’s arm, like forcefully, like to hold her down in a way. That’s when she told her, I’m going to take Caylee from you, I will give her back to you, but you need to follow my instructions. And she made her—threatened that, if you go to the PD I will, hurt your parents, your brother, Caylee, I’ll do whatever. Then the sister herded all the kids to the car.”

This was a particularly telling statement, “…this whole time it’s about trying to make my sister feel comfortable so she can remember everything, tell me everything so I can find my niece. So I will placate to everything and anything that I need to do. If it does not make sense to press, I’m sure as hell not going to press.”

And this one is interesting—has Casey told her family that Z actually came into the Anthony house? “Q. Did she ever tell you that she had given Z a key to your parents’ home? A. She never told me specifically, but I did hear my sister, mention it before to my folks or to my dad, that same question ‘well, how did she get in the house?’ ‘well, mom, I had given her a key a long time ago…’”

Mr Morgan tells Lee he doesn’t want to joust with him, because he is good at it. Buttering him up, as he did James Hoover. Slap him with a compliment.

An AHA moment: Mr Morgan gets Lee to admit that Casey stole money with a question about her white lies. Something Cindy will not own up to. Pg 132.

Mr Morgan asks if Lee might have been told that Jose Baez asked a reporter from People Mag for $500,000 for an exclusive to that story? Lee: “that’s news to me.”

Casey has a public attorney named Mr. Kasen as well as criminal attorney Jose Baez. !

Lee explains the CMA statement with a non-answer about all three CMA’s in his life, but adds that he made a promise to Caylee’s spirit that he would find out the truth.

Gonzalez vs. Anthony
Transcript of Video deposition of James D. Hoover by John’s Morgan and Dill, March 25, 2009
and here.

It takes many pages of the document to establish that James Hoover is and has been a Private Investigator for about 35 years and that he had worked for the Anthony’s pro-bono and his job was to assist Dominic Casey. His usual job is contract work for Class Action Detective in Tampa.

These are mostly statements James Hoover made about Dominic Casey.

Dominic had once gone in to the jail with Baez to see Casey. Dominic said on several occasions that he thought that Baez has an inappropriate relationship with—or was trying to have, with Casey. And that Dominic said he had warned Baez that he wouldn’t tolerate that kind of activity.

Then discussed the licorice incident and said that he had told Baez that it has been inappropriate behavior and he wasn’t going to tolerate it; however, Dominic was angry at Baez for non-payment, so he could have made it up.

Dominic told him he had contracts with George and Cindy, and with Casey.

He drove George and Cindy to be fingerprinted and while George was thus engaged, Cindy and Dominic were sitting in chairs close together holding hands, caressing and she was talking about "he’s her rock. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be able to get through this."

After they left there—Dominic had taken his car to the church, left it there. He asked Hoover to take him back to his car, which he did. Then Hoover took George somewhere and Dominic asked Cindy to ride with him, so she got in the car and drove with Dominic. Hoover took George out to the hotel. He stayed in the lobby for a long period of time and had tried to call Dominic several times. He didn’t answer his phone, but eventually called back.

He said he had gotten lost. He was with Cindy. In Orlando.

Nov 15 Dominic calls and says he knows where Caylee is…drove him right to it…

“Then all the different answers that he gave about why we were out there on November 15, and different people he had talked to, I think that he is less than truthful, first he was talking to his daughter, and a psychic and a friend of Casey’s.” He believes Dominic was being directed by Lee Anthony.

He feels like Dominic was “showboating” during the Nov 15 search, trying to impress Cindy.
Hoover talks about finding the three concrete “pavers” 12x12x2, obviously laid out in straight row. Then going to the creepy house where they find, in the backyard, three more lined up pavers—Dominic flipped them over and dug with a spade underneath.

Hoover states that although there were tips coming in from Ohio, Atlanta and Miami, no one actually followed up on any of them. On Nov. 15, Dominic says he did not know he was being videoed, but that he was aware. He says Cindy was calling Dom 12 times a day with tips.

The only thing related to the Gonzalez case in this deposition was a question to Mr. Hoover about how many times in all his work with Dominic Casey, the Official Private Investigator, mentioned the name Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, to which he answers “one”. No one ever searched for her, or tried to contact a ZFG.

Is is my opinion that this entire line of questioning was meant to discredit Dominic Casey, expose an inappropriate relationship between Dominic and Cindy, and to suggest that Dominic was helping the Anthony's develop an alibi of some sort.

Transcript of taped interview of Sean Krause from Wisconsin (from a blog/website called the Daily BS) by Det. Yuri Melich, Sgt. John Allen, December 2, 2008, case 08-74777

Mr. Krause says that Cindy Anthony became active with his Caylee coverage on his blog, Daily BS. Cindy contacted him through his web contact e-mail. They corresponded for some time through e-mail and telephone.

She admitted to him at one time (maybe at a low moment) that she believed Casey had killed little Caylee. She had sent him some photographs and video of Caylee. Later she denied the transgression and wanted all of the stuff back as it had a monetary value, a request he refused.

He didn’t give a good reason why, but he told her he had deleted them, when he really had not.

This interview does expose Cindy's true feelings on Caylee's disappearance and shows that Cindy is ok with selling what she has left of Caylee for money. But does it matter what she really believes? She is Casey's mother, blood is thicker than water.

Transcript of taped interview of Ricardo Morales Pages 38-52 by Det. Yuri Melich, Corp Eric Edwards, Sgt John Allen. November 4, 2008.

Law enforcement had ‘borrowed’ Morales computer on Oct 27 to copy and examine. He had called the morning of the interview (Nov 4) to see if he could have it back.

Melich asks about communication Morales had with the Globe magazine, Morales admits that he sold photos to Globe. He shows all of the e-mails between himself and the Globe.

He says he was once in the Anthony home.

Transcript of taped interview of Michelle Murphy by Det Yuri Melich January 19, 2009.

Michelle has known Casey since 1st grade, used to date Lee and is still a friend.

She talks about Caylee having separation anxiety when Casey would walk out of a room, she was at the 2nd birthday party.

She never really believed that Casey worked at Universal, because she was using Cindy’s laptop then started saying Universal had given it to her. Says Casey was known to lie a lot, about big things and many little doesn’t-matter-anyway things.

Says that Cindy had threatened before that she was going to get custody of Caylee and at the memorial George mentioned that if they had only gone ahead and taken custody…

Michelle spoke about the phone call where Casey told her she was feeling crazy and needed help. Michelle was concerned and offered to come get Caylee, it didn’t happen, but the next day Casey seemed fine and acted as if it had never happened.

She remembered the whole “tumor” story when Casey was pregnant with Caylee, and the 2nd imaginary pregnancy, which Casey claims she miscarried, and which Cindy threw a huge hissy about when she heard about it from Lee.

She said Lee would not have ever babysat, because “Lee is not really a kid person that much.”

Michelle was part of the planning of the ambush on July 3 when Casey dramatically ran out of the Dragon Room to avoid Lee, Mallory and Lee’s roomie Brian. She states that by July 3 the family was already actively trying to find Caylee and that if they had found Casey at the club, Lee would have forced her her produce the baby.

She states that Casey was "afraid" of Cindy. She said that although Casey screwed up a lot, it was the possibility of Cindy finding out about her failures that frightened Casey the most.
I think in Casey's mind, every time she screwed up, Cindy was proven right about her and it was Cindy's being right that bothered Casey the most.

Transcript of taped interview of Joy Wray by Sgt John Allen October 1, 2008

In the first pages Joy Wray, 30, tells Allen he is scaring her, where after he softens his tone up a bit.
Thought that was kind of funny.

This woman says she is a friend of Tim Miller (with Equusearch) and was on the search at Blanchard Park the day that Leonard Padilla found the beads on the tree, the bag of animal bones and toys. She believes that Leonard planted things for the camera and that he is a “media whore”.

Ms Wray interjected herself into the case, first in helping Mr. Miller’s group, and then becoming “close” to the Anthony family through vigils, etc. She said she was “brainwashed” by “George and them” into believing that Caylee was kidnapped. She had lots of photos of searches, including some outside of the location where Caylee was eventually found.

She was irritated that the Anthony’s had not been interested in any of the items that she had found (a baby blanket, a smelly pillow, and other misc) or the photo’s, because they believed the baby was alive. She gave LE the baby blanket; she found it during an early landfill search. There was apparently (to me anyway) not much learned here. The photos were of the searches, bits of trash, people in the search--nothing that would seem relevant to Caylee's actual disappearance.

The police report concludes with a note that the person making the report had been previously involved with in a police chase, caused by a mental condition.

Some thoughts on this mess. The question that Cindy asked, per Lee above, "how did she get in the house?" (referring to Zani) shows that the family concurs with the police theory that Caylee was killed at the Anthony house. Of course, Caylee being found wrapped in a laundry basket liner from the house pretty much tells THAT story. Every person interviewed by the police has been questioned about whether they have been IN the house or not. It has long been my theory that Casey and Caylee went back to the house as soon as George left for work.
The Anthony's have requested the autopsy report not be released to the public, and the court should be making a final decision this week. It will be public knowledge during the trial anyway. How much can we read into what Michelle Murphy says above? Hmmm. Cause for more research--I'll go back to the report of what bones were found.
Thanks to all for stickin' with me.

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