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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mom: Baby Daisja Weaver was tossed from Lewisville Lake bridge

Right: Tamaira Creagh, killer or victim?
Monday, June 15, 2009

LEWISVILLE — The mother of eight-month-old Daisja Weaver has told police that the baby's father threw the child into Lewisville Lake last week, a sigificant shift from her original account of assault and kidnapping. Tamaira Creagh — who is 19 years old and six months pregnant — is now under arrest.

According to the arrest warrant for her 20-year-old boyfriend, Alandus Weaver, Creagh told investigators that Weaver picked her up from work last Monday and took her to their apartment on Marsh Lane in Dallas. She said Weaver told her he had left the child alone after giving her a bath.

When they arrived, Creagh said she found the baby on the floor naked, wrapped in a towel. Daisja had no heartbeat and was cold, Creagh told police.

For the next 30 minutes, Weaver attempted to use CPR to resuscitate the child without success, Creagh said. When she asked Weaver what happened to the child, she told police, he became threatening and violent.

Creagh said he told her they had to stick together by saying the baby had been kidnapped. The following day — after she got off work — she said Weaver made her drive to Lake Lewisville with him. "He stopped on a bridge and tied [Daisja] to a sandbag and dropped her into the lake," according to the police affadavit of Creagh's account...

The 19-year-old mother told police that during the entire episode, she was afraid of what Weaver might do to her because she is pregnant with his baby, according to the affidavit...

The search there began (at the Lewisville Lake, under the I35E bridge) Sunday after Daisja's father, 20-year-old Alandus Weaver, was named as a suspect in the child's disappearance.

Creagh originally told police last week that she had been attacked in the family's Far North Dallas apartment and that her assailant fled with the infant.

On Sunday, police said Creagh had recanted her story about the kidnapping and provided investigators with the information that led to the conclusion that Weaver had harmed Daisja.
Weaver was arrested late Saturday and is being held in the Dallas County Jail on $100,000 bond on charges of tampering with physical evidence to impair an investigation. Creagh was subsequently arresed on a similar charge.

In a search warrant obtained by News 8 and The Dallas Morning News , two police detectives were said to have overheard Weaver telling Creagh that she should not have let police search their apartment "because there was blood inside."

Detectives removed ten items from the couple's Marsh Lane apartment as evidence, including sheets, a bath towel, and stained baby clothing.

An Amber Alert remains in effect for Daisja Weaver. Call Dallas police at 214-671-4268 if you have any information.

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