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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nevaeh Buchanan's mother talks to CNN

Nancy Grace spits back.
June 9, 2009
She faces tough questions on the 'Nancy Grace' show
By Tanveer Ali, Steve Pardo and Mark Hicks
The Detroit News
Monroe --In her first national, sometimes heated, interview, Nevaeh Buchanan's mother was grilled by CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace about her relationship with a convicted sex offender.

During the Monday night broadcast, Jennifer Buchanan, the mother of the 5-year-old, missing since May 24 and whose body is believed to have been found along the River Raisin in Monroe on Thursday, said: "... I have made a lot of bad choices. ... And who hasn't? And I know that somehow," she said of her relationship with George Kennedy, 39.

Grace interjected: "Whoa, you know what? You can stop right there. You can just stop right there, Miss Buchanan, because most mothers that I know have never knowingly exposed their little girl, a 5-year-old little girl, to a sex offender. So when you say who hasn't? I for one haven't. I haven't."

Buchanan then replied: "Well, I just believe that everyone deserves a second chance." Earlier in the broadcast, Buchanan said she wonders if an acquaintance could have been involved. "All these scenarios are just running through my head constantly," she told Grace. "All these thoughts are just running through my head."

Buchanan described the last time she saw her daughter. But her responses sometimes did not fully address Grace's hard-charging queries. Grace pointed out discrepancies in her recounting the exact time Nevaeh left, and what she was doing.

In the interview, according to transcripts, Grace asked... "So your child is out. It's been 30 minutes since you last saw her. Did you think maybe I should check on my preschooler? See if she's dead or alive? I mean did that cross your mind?"

Buchanan responded, "No, because I knew that she was upstairs at her friend's house until the little girl came up to me and said that Nevaeh was out riding her scooter in the road. That's the point I'm. .."

Grace interrupted: "How did you know she was upstairs? Did you check on her? Did you go up there ever?" "No, she's -- I watched her walk in through the door," Buchanan said, to which Grace replied, "Really? Because earlier you said she went out the door..."

After several more exchanges and trying to defend herself, the show went to commercial break. During the break, Buchanan and a friend who had joined her both exited the interview.

Earlier, when Grace asked Buchanan about another interview in which Buchanan said Kennedy "may have owed somebody some money," Buchanan said: "I'm not too sure... I'm not too sure on anything."

Grace said, "How could that possibly be linked to your daughter's disappearance, the fact that this sex offender, friend of yours, owed somebody some money? How could that remotely be linked to your child's disappearance?" Buchanan replied, "I honestly don't know..."

Meanwhile Monday, stuffed animals and artificial flowers, a Precious Moments princess and a fairy with butterfly wings share space on a guardrail on the remote, two-lane Dixon Road.
Fifteen feet from the guardrail, the ground drops a precarious 60 degrees, falling 30 feet to the River Raisin.

It's a muddy climb down to the water, but several made it. There are more artificial flowers. And someone planted a cross on or near the spot where a body was found, covered with quick-set concrete.

"It's a violation. A violation of humanity," said David Marietta, who lives off the river a few miles away. "People here, they're hugging their babies a little harder now." But answers to the tragedy remain elusive.

Wayne County Medical Examiner Carl Schmidt said in a statement Monday that it could be weeks before test results come in. Tissue samples were sent for special testing.

Investigators have also been stymied by a lack of fingerprints or dental records for the girl, forcing them to rely on time-consuming DNA identification. Though authorities say the body appears to be Nevaeh's, the delay in testing puts off the closure that the family has sought since the girl went missing May 24.

"It's lonely now not hearing her voice in my back seat. I just hope nobody else has to go through this again," said Sherry Buchanan, Nevaeh's grandmother and legal guardian.
Tuesday, 09 Jun 2009

The mother of missing five-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan did not stick around to answer viewer questions after her first segment on CNN's 'Nancy Grace' Monday night.

Jennifer Buchanan, 24, came under fire with a barage of questions from Grace on the situation surrounding Nevaeh's disappearance in the city of Monroe, south of Detroit...

Host Nancy Grace replied most mothers haven't "knowingly exposed their little girl" to sex offenders. Buchanan and a friend exited during a commercial break

The family and community are still waiting autopsy results on the body of a little girl matching Nevaeh's description.
Nancy Grace was completely out of line. I had flashbacks of Melinda Duckett when Nancy grilled her, just before she went home and killed herself. The way I see it, thanks to Nanc, we'll never know what really happened to little Trenton.
Now she gets another mother in front of national news camera's and deep-fries her. Maybe Navaeh's mom would never be mother-of-the-year, but she didn't want her child to be murdered. Nancy Grace is nothing but a bully herself.


Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace is a bully. Nevaeh's mother has lost her child and she made poor choices but noone needs to be threatened and bullied by Nancy Grace. I used to watch her show as wanted to know what all was going on in the Casey Anthony case but quit Nancy Grace..she is just too mean and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace somehow thinks people like to watch her sit and spit out questions and not give people time to answer. She definately needs to be on hormone replacement therapy. And that whole bickering about when it gets dark in Monroe, with NG saying 6 or 6:30 and JB saying 9 or 9:30 was a farce. NG almost under her breath at the end of it said that she checked and it gets dark there at 8:55 pm. What was her stupid point???

Anonymous said...

i don't watch or listen to her show because of that very thing and one other thing she is setting her kids up for a kiddnapping she flaunts them on her web site to much

Anonymous said...

I watched that show. Nancy Grace asks questions, but does not keep her mouth shut long enough to hear the answers. She is the one creating contradictions. I dont blame jen at all for walking off. Nancy is sure not helping to apprehend the actual person who committed this awful act. Young moms sometimes make terrible mistakes, but she is paying the ultimate price. I am sick of the yelling and screaming of grace, and I am done with her show after what she did to Jen. They are not talking about Navaeh at all anymore. That is very sad. I wish they would find this freak, before he gets someone else. I wish Grace would concentrate on that. But she is a mean judgemental person, who exposes her twins to the whole world, and every sicko in it. Hope she doesnt go thru what Jen is.

Leni said...

These comments are so unbelievably dumb, I'd wager they're all posted by the same person. I can't believe that more than 1 person would be sympathetic to a "mother" who knowingly exposes her child to a sex offender, and at the same time attacks Nancy Grace for asking the questions that the whole world wants the answers to. Bully?, more like victim, especially child victim, speaking up and asking the hard questions on behalf of those who are powerless to speak for themselves. People like Navaeh's mother don't deserve to raise chickens let alone children!

Anonymous said...

Those who are calling Nancy Grace a bully are way off base. Asking a grown woman and so called mother some hard questions is not bullying! It's holding a person responsible for their actions, something that rarely ever happens anymore. We need more courageous people like Nancy who are willing to fight for the truth and also for victims.

Janet said...

Nancy Grace has done much good for victims and victims rights and I applaud her for that. I watch her show every night, and I'm not saying she is a horrible person. BUT...many times she has the facts wrong and never admits to it.

Melinda Duckett: yes, I believe she killed little Trenton, but after Graces scaulding she shot herself and we will never know for sure where he is or exactly what she did. Josh will spend the rest of his life searching the faces of every Eurasian boy/man to see if he can recognize his son.

Crystal Sheffield: This poor woman lost her children to a drug dealer whose lawyer had manipulated the system, causing her to loose through default. Ron Cummings throws out his southern manners to call her "Miss Nancy" and Nancy insults and belittles Crystal unmercilessly. Completely uncalled for.

Now Navaeh's mother.

I simply think that Nancy Grace should allow the government and god to do the judging, and she just lay out the facts as they are presented.

This is just a simple little blog, where I welcome everyone's opinions and theory's. I wanted people to be able to state what they have gathered from the available info. It doesn't have to be right. There are many websites that want every post to be linked to some bit of printed data.

Here I would rather we freely throw out ideas and theorys. People think so differently, it is interesting.

And it reminds me that just because I think something myself, doesn't make it correct.

So please--PEACE

And I would love to read your thoughts on any of my posts! Thanks.