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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Orange County Medical Examiner: No Change In Caylee's Cause Of Death

June 14, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orange County medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia said Friday that the autopsy report on the remains of Caylee Anthony draws no new conclusions as to her cause of death.
Garavaglia reported in December that the toddler's death was a homicide of unknown origin. However, she added that she included a summary in her 30-page report that draws some conclusions about what happened to Caylee based on tests and other evidence gathered since she made her initial findings.

That autopsy report was to be included in the hundreds of pages of new evidence released by the state attorney's office in the case against Casey Anthony Friday morning. However, George and Cindy Anthony succeeded in the effort to at least temporarily block the release of their granddaughter's autopsy report.
A deposition from Internet blogger Sean Krause was also included in Friday's release. Krause had a crime blog called The Daily BS, and, one point, had daily phone conversations with Cindy Anthony. Krause told investigators that on the day that bounty hunter Leonard Padilla was searching Blanchard Park for signs of Caylee, Cindy Anthony called him, crying. He said he took that opportunity to say to her, "You know, I really strongly believe that you know your daughter murdered Caylee." Krause said that on that particular day, it "was the first time that she agreed that she actually really believed that her daughter...did something to Caylee." The next day, according to Krause, Cindy Anthony "retracted her statement."
...Krause said he asked Cindy Anthony about a rumor he heard that Casey Anthony had worked for an escort service called Universal Entertainment and he said that she responded that she "knew nothing of it." ...In his interview, Krause also told investigators that he and Cindy Anthony got into a dispute over videos and pictures sent to him anonymously of Caylee and Casey Anthony. "She wanted these videos," Krause told investigators. He said he gathered that Cindy Anthony wanted to "release some videos of Caylee for profit -- maybe to pay for Casey's defense fund."

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