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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reward Increases for Info of Caylee Marie Anthony

Wednesday, 23 Jul 2008

...The grandmother Cindy Anthony said Wednesday afternoon that there will be 14 billboards across the state, two in Orlando, with the missing girl’s picture. Cindy Anthony also said that the reward for information leading to Caylee’s return has been raised to $225,000...

This is an exerpt from an article (click on link for entire piece) that I find very interesting because evidently the Anthony's have been able to secure $225,000 as reward money, but those same donors have not been willing to put forth the money to help Casey Anthony make bail. Does this mean the donors are fairly certain they won't have to cough up reward money, whereas money to pay the $50,000 bond would have to come right out of their pocket, no exchanges, no return?

Regardless of how much I love my children, if one of them disappeared for a month with my car, ran up $45,000 on my credit cards, then lied about the whereabouts of my grandchild and could not produce her, I would not spend every last dollar I have, and beg for money from all my family and friends, to get them out of jail. But then, my children would not expect that of me.

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