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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grandma Defends Daughter, Asks Public for Help Finding Missing Toddler

The mother of a woman arrested weeks after her toddler disappeared said her daughter Casey "has her reasons why she just can't blurt out the whole story," as she begged the public to help find missing Caylee Marie Anthony, 2.

"Casey has been trying to tell the police in her own way what she can tell them and the only unfortunate thing is, you know, they want a clear picture," Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, told FOX News.
"There's no clear picture. Casey has her reasons why she just can't blurt out the whole story, so she's been honest with them for what she can be honest with."

Earlier, Cindy Anthony had told NBC's "Today" Show Monday that Casey Anthony knows who has the toddler and should be released from jail so she can assist with the search.
Meanwhile, volunteers in the Orlando, Fla., are planned to canvas neighborhoods, distributing 50,000 fliers, MyFOXOrlando.com reports.

"People don't know that Caylee's missing, and they may have been the one to see her," Cindy Anthony told FOX News. "I'm letting the police department focus on the whys, whats, wheres, whens."

Casey Anthony was arrested last week and charged with child neglect and criminal obstruction for lying to detectives. Caylee, who was last seen June 9, was reported missing by her mother last week.

Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, said Monday that a bond hearing would be held Tuesday afternoon for his client.

"My client at no time refused to speak with law enforcement," he said at a Monday press conference. “We are focused on trying to find Caylee. We want to find Caylee.”
Baez also told reporters that his law office is conducting its own investigation, because "police in our opinion has been focusing more on prosecuting her than exonerating her. It’s absolutely absurd that she was denied bond.”

He said his client is "doing her best to keep it together" in jail. "They have put her in a situation that is very difficult. Her underwear is taken from her. All she has is a blanket in a small room."
Sheriff's detectives said they have few new leads. Authorities are looking into the family's claims that Casey Anthony received a mysterious call from her daughter last Tuesday.

On Sunday, Orlando police said they interviewed dozens of acquaintances of Casey Anthony in their search for any clues on the child's disappearance.

"We believe Casey knows where the girl is because everything she’s told us so far has turned out to be lies," Orlando sheriff's spokesman Carlos Padilla told FOXNews.com on Sunday.
"We're making phone calls to anyone who has had contact with her to see if she's said something."

A $5,000 reward has also been offered by the Never Lose Hope Foundation to find Caylee.

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