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Monday, July 28, 2008

Casey Anthony remains jailed; brother visits a second time

Bianca Prieto
Sentinel Staff Writer
July 28, 2008

Casey Anthony remains at the Orange County Jail today for a 12th day in a row.

This morning, her brother Lee Anthony arrived at the visitation center across from the jail for a 45-minute video conference visit. He avoided reporters and ran out the back gate at the visitors center to his car parked along John Young Parkway. It was the second time Lee Anthony visited his sister since her arrest.

Her parents, Cindy and George Anthony, are scheduled to visit their daughter tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Two other people are scheduled to visit Casey Anthony in jail in the coming days...

...Family members have not been able to come up with the money to bail Casey Anthony out of jail. Last night, the family held a prayer vigil at their Lee Vista area home Sunday night, where hundreds attended.

Orange County Corrections visitation log for Casey Anthony

Lee Anthony testified at Casey's bond hearing that on the night the family found out Caylee was missing, he told Casey that their mother was outside and out of earshot, and then said, "If you know where she is, there is nothing in this for you..." What does this mean, exactly? That through experience he knows Casey doesn't do anything that does not benefit herself?

I personally wouldn't mind donating a bit of cash to help find the little girl, but I wouldn't trust the family to spend it on that purpose. I WOULD NOT want it to be used to post Casey's bond, or pay her legal expenses. Public defenders are free. She needs to admit what she has done and come to terms with responsibility. It is just too bad that the only time in her life she is made to pay for what she's done, is when that payment will be life in prison.

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