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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My thoughts

Nancy Grace just pointed out that if the child had died accidently by being left in the car, the cadaver dogs would have hit on the inside of the car, not just the trunk.

My belief now it that the police are just holding back until the results of the hair and DNA samples come back. Then they will file the appropriate charge of murder.

Also, through AT&T the police can get a complete copy of all of her calls, including the text from text messages. It may take a court order, but that is easy for law enforcement to get, especially under the circumstances.

I do feel sorry for the grandparents and uncle Lee, but on the other hand, they have allowed Casey to get away with her lies all of her life. It is obvious by the way she thinks she can just stick to her story and will get her way. She is used to lying then standing her ground until mom and pop give in.

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