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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Evidence List Details Items Taken from Ed Lanphear's Home

Jul 14, 2008
Mikel Lauber

A Wood County Sheriff's Department evidence list is giving a look at the hundreds of things collected from the town of Saratoga home of Edward Lanphear.

That list was attained today from the Wood County Sheriff's department. Wood County Sheriff Tom Reichert said in a press conference Friday that they had seized items any items that could have been used to restrain victims or that were consistent with alleged sexual assaults that took place.

This list details hundreds of items that are now a part of the department's investigation.
Included different types and sizes of chains, locks, ropes, zip ties, and other restraining devices found throughout Lanphear's home. Also confiscated were about two dozen firearms, mostly rifles and shotguns.

Also collected from the scene was a newspaper from last Monday, that covered the missing Wood County men, with certain articles highlighted.There was also a newspaper clipping about the death of Brittany Zimmermann, the Marshfield native who was stabbed in her Madison apartment.

The list also has several pill bottles, gay pornography, and various blankets, rugs, and clothing with stains on them.

Authorities attained the warrant to search Lanphear's house on Wednesday. the day after police say a 23-year-old Grand Rapids man and 21-year-old Wisconsin Rapids man escaped after being held against their will in the 46-year-old's home.

Sheriff Reichert says some of the evidence collected has been sent to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab for analysis, the rest is being held and processed locally.

Lanphear's being held on a million dollar bond facing 13 charges, incluing 12 felonies. He's due back in court on July 31st.

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