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Saturday, June 26, 2010

More on Joran

Does anyone know why Beth Twitty no longer broadcasts with Greta van Susteran? I about fell off of my chair when I actually saw her talking on Nancy Grace one evening. Holy Moly. Maybe it was an old clip from 2005.

Van der Sloot's Mom: Maybe He Missed a Chance to Become an Actor

The mother of Joran van der Sloot -- who police say is a confessed killer -- says her son is no monster and suggests that he missed his calling as an actor.

In an interview with Dutch news station The Telegraph, obtained by ABC News, Anita van der Sloot talks about her reaction to people saying her son is guilty, saying, "As a mother, you don’t want to hear things like 'He's a serial killer or he’s a monster,' because he is not. I don’t have that image of him, so it's very hard to hear that."

As the ABC report points out, the accusations started not with the death of Stephany Flores in Peru but in Aruba after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005. While Joran has never been officially charged, he remains the prime suspect in that ongoing investigation...

Over the course of the next few days, more details emerged. "My husband told me Natalie's family and uncle, mother -- with police -- had already come to the door," she says. "There had been a lot of yelling ... He thought these things should be discussed at the police station."

The situation confused her, she says, because "Joran had always been friendly with girls, why would this happen now? Why would he do something to a girl? So I didn't believe that, that he could hurt a girl in some way. As a mother, I was convinced he was incapable of it."...

"Then I thought if you lied because of this, then stop now because it's very hurtful for the parents," she says. "I felt so much for parents of Natalee. I could not imagine how it could be to lose a child, even if it was still thought that she ran away. I wanted to do everything to help."

As Joran's story changed, multiple times, his convincing tales led her to believe he had a talent for theatrics. "Maybe he missed a chance to become an actor," she says. "Maybe that should have been a role in his life ... I can hardly believe that he can fake this."

To the parents of his alleged victims, she says, "If they’d be here right now, I'd cry with them and give them a big, big hug."

The parents of Stephany Flores were quoted by ABC news saying they appreciate Mrs van der Sloot's words of support, but they worry this is all part of a scheme to create some sort of insanity defense.

Joran 's lawyer intends to appeal the rejection . If van der Sloot is convicted , he can be prisoned between fifteen and 35 years .

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