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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Joran van der Sloot: What the Dutch have to say

Do not miss this video:
Joran van der Sloot simuló como coartada no tener llaves del cuarto donde asesinó a Stephany Flores video is in spanish, but watch anyway...

Joran alleen in cel uit angst voor moord

The Prairie Chicken
12 June 2010

Just a note--the Dutch translation for van der Sloot is "of the ditch", which makes me smile every time I read it. In the Netherland news agencies, he is called Joran of of the ditch.
When van der Sloot was transferred from Miguel Castro Castro to the Palace of Justice, he got a head of rotten lettuce thrown at his head. In the heat of the battle, I wish I could come up with stuff like that. There is always something rotten in my frig. Note to self... van der Sloot now admits that he lured Stephany Flores to his room to play Internet poker after he was filmed on security tape with her both in the Atlantic City casino and in the lobby and hallway of this hotel. Now he says he broke Stephany's nose with the elbow shot, then strangled her while she was still stunned from the facial blow. I still have to wonder how he managed to dislodge her eye with a right hook, elbow to the nose and strangle to the neck.

Afterwards he stole her change purse and drove away in her jeep. He stole money with a value of almost 250 euro (? 5,000 US dollars do not equal 250 euros), and two credit cards. The murder in conjunction with robbery can warrant the longest sentence allowed in Peru, life in prison. It is still unclear when its process starts...
For five long years the Holloway family has suffered the lost of their daughter Natalee, an American on a group senior high school vacation. van der Sloot was never charged. He was never condemned, for lack of proof...
Now Joran wants to admit to the murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005. He is hoping that this will buy him a ticket back to the Netherlands where faces are a bit more friendly to him. I imagine Aruba will send a couple of guys over to Lima to interview him--but we must remember that as late as last week, the Aruban officials contended that there is no evidence that a crime ever happened at all.
I'm afraid he now has to play the cards that were dealt to him. I can picture him cowering at Castro Castro. It's a much different visual than he being the big man, beating the hell out of small women, taking what he wants. Killing them.
But the Netherlands/Aruba still consider him a golden son, for some odd reason. Maybe it's just anti-American sentiment. But if Aruban officials don't think a crime has been committed in Aruba, why would they want to fly all the way to Peru? To hear yet another version?
One website (above) I read complained that it was cruel and inhumane to make Joran stand in front of the Peruvian press and let them photograph him to their hearts content. Check out the look on his face. He is pissed. He is not used to being treated with such a lack of respect. Poor Joran.


Anonymous said...

What a video......no need for someone to interpret it for us. It shows just what a POS he is....planning his alibi....

Peru has no DP but this guy will be taken down by the inmates who are itching to get their hands on him.

Rotten lettuce is too good for this filth.
Aruba can't help him now....Peruvian Justice will take care of him.

Janet said...

I haven't seen this on any of the news shows. Maybe I should declare it as "Breaking News!!"