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Monday, June 21, 2010

Joran van der Sloot denies Judge an interview

Prairie Chicken
June 21, 2010

It appears Joran van der Sloot, Dutch student turned career criminal, today refused to give his confession to Judge Carlos Morales Cordova. The judge arrived at Miguel Castro Castro for the required meeting at 10:00am and left the prison at 11:20, when Joran refused to speak. Note: this was not a suggested get-together--he is required to make a formal statement to the judge.

"My client did not make statement before the judge, because we await the result of habeas corpus. Here we say that it has violated due process because he had no attorney (during police questioning) and they looked at his laptop without a warrant, among other things," said the lawyer to the AFP news agency.

Van der Sloot , 22 , it was stated in the newspaper Dutchman De Telegraaf, police say he only admitted to having killed the girl because Police had promised to extradite him to Holland.

Of the murder of Stephanie Flores says Van der Sloot : "I am framed . How exactly is it all gone, I'll tell you later . My lawyer focuses first on any procedural irregularities that have been made . I did not need to sit here ."

The entire matter was conducted in a confidential manner and the judge filed a report which stated that the defendant refused to answer questions , according to judicial sources.

Van der Sloot will stay in a separate corridor of the jail where four thousand prisoners are incarcerated. According to the Dutchman, rats creep at night through a toilet in his cell. However, the Dutchman has a very comfortable cell per Peruvian concepts. He has his own mattress and eats the same food as the prison director and guards. What's a rat or two?

I think he just stepped on his pee-pee again. He just pissed off the one person who holds Joran's future in his hand.

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