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Monday, June 21, 2010

Joran van der Sloot

The Prairie Chicken
June 21, 2010

Today we wait with bated breath to hear which version of the "truth" Joran van der Sloot decides to tell to Lima Superior Court Judge Juan Buendia. I have no doubt he will have a story, but which one?

He told arresting officials in Chile that two intruders came in his room and killed Stephany when he went to get coffee and breakfast pastry.

That is also the scene he was trying to set up when he left the room for a few minutes, then asked a hotel employee to open his room for him. I believe he wanted the employee to find Stephany beaten and bloody, so he could stand there with the cups and say, no I'm clean, see, no blood, couldn't have been me. But instead, the employee simply unlocked the door and stepped back.

What could van der Sloot have been thinking when the plan didn't work? When he realized that the security camera was only a couple of meters from his door? Since he carried the story to Chile with him, I am guessing he was taking a chance that the cameras were not operating.

Lots of businesses put camera's in place to deter theft, but they aren't hooked up to anything, or they tape over every so often, destroying any images, to save the cost of a few tapes.

I have to tell you I am very impressed with Peru. Last night Dateline showed even more video--of Stephany cashing in before they left the casino, and another of Stephany before she entered the casino. To call Lima "third world" hardly seems appropriate.

And the gentle nature of most Peruvians was exhibited when Nancy Grace asked Stephany's father via telephone if he and the family was calling for the death penalty (not that Nanc would instigate blood letting...) Her father responded, "no, here we have no death penalty," and said it with a genuine show of support and respect for the laws of Peru.

There is much speculation as to why Mama van der Sloot hasn't flown to be by Joran's side. In fact, speaking of the devil, Nancy Grace ridiculed her about how to buy airline tickets: "you pick up the phone, you dial the airline, etc..." The Mrs. has never appeared too sharp, if you know what I mean, but when the Aruban reporter told ole' Nanc that mama was trying to figure out how to get tickets, I'm pretty sure she meant that the van der Sloots are low on funds.

Once Paulus died, she lost his income and now is making it on a teachers pay. According to newscasts, the family had depleted their savings five years ago paying off lawyers (and probably judges and any witnesses as well.)

She gave a statement to a Netherland news source that she wouldn't be going to Peru, but staying on Aruba. Good for her. Why should she run out to a country where she doesn't know the language, or have any friends, or know where to stay, or what the procedures and customs are there. What if she got over there and was taunted like Joran was when they took him to jail? She may have been overindulgent with her son, but she loves him.

It seems like early on in the Natalee Holloway case, mama van der Sloot said Joran had been in counseling in for his temper, so she is not in total denial. While she still believes Joran to be innocent of Holloways disappearance, she said it appears very clear that he is responsible for the death of Flores.

But you know what? This guy is 22 years old. That is SO young. What could have made this p.o.s. a murderer at such a young age and to completely ruin the life laid out before him? He is smart, evidently charming (altho I don't see it) and with a good education he could have done anything.

One more thing about Nancy Grace. Of course, she is following this case closely and Jean Casarez from tru.tv is in Lima reporting live every day. But Nancy must have been told that she is not allowed to speak rudely to Jean. I thought it was odd at first that Jean was escaping the wrath, but towards the last of the week it was obvious. Nancy is almost shooting smoke rings out of her nose, but is still quite polite to Jean. On Friday, she even waited until Jean was no longer on the line, then said to one of her whipping boys "What Jean just said is total BS." tsk.

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