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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Georgia Couple Arrested For Tattooing Children

By AP Exchange
via wrbl.com
January 2, 2010

SUMMERVILLE, Ga. (AP) A Chattooga County couple was arrested for tattooing six of their children.

WAGA-TV reports that PattyJo Marsh and her husband 34-year-old Jacob Edwards tattooed themselves and six children using a plastic pen body with a needle made from a guitar string connected to an electric motor.

Five children got a cross-like tattoo on their hands and a sixth had "mom and dad" inked on his arm.

The pair were arrested after the biological mother of two of the children complained the tattoos wouldn't wash off. Marsh tells WAGA that they did it because the children asked them to.

Marsh and Edwards are charged with three counts each of illegal tattooing, second degree child cruelty and reckless conduct. Both bonded out of jail Friday evening.
Information from: WAGA-TV, http://www.wagatv.com/index.shtml

What in the world would make these people think it would be ok to tattoo their children? From the looks of the hardware mama wears in her face, it's obvious she's not thinking all that clearly, but that leads to...these idiots have spawned seven children between them? omg.
I wonder what kind of damage those face studs cause when they get in fist fights? You know they do. Neither of them appear to be church-going tee-totalers, not that religion makes one passive. Just a thought.

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