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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Special New Year with a blue moon in the Americas and partial eclipse in Asia

right: full moon over the Prairie, from flicker.com
December 30, 2009

The blue moon has long been a subject of poetry and one of those phrases that are used without quite understanding the meaning, but its presence is a scientific marker for a rotating earth that runs by its own clock, ignoring man’s calendar...

Simply put, on Thursday, December 31, 2009, there will be second full moon in a calendar month of December, an occurrence called blue moon and on time for the New Year countdown.

Only once in every 20 years, the blue moon appears on New Year’s Eve, as it is going to do this year.

This New Year's Eve blue moon will be visible in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa. In Australia and Asia, the full moon does not show up until New Year's Day, making January a blue moon month for them...


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Ya it really so special..... Blue moon On New year's eve.

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I am just waiting for blue moon eve again. love the full blue moon.