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Thursday, December 03, 2009

George L. "G" Thomas: The murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom--Dec 3, 2009

The Prairie Chicken
December 3, 2009

Covering the last two days in the courtroom, all testimony is from repeat witnesses from the Cobbins and Davidson trials. Several of the victims family members testified to the last time Channon and Chris were seen by them. Stacy Lawson began her testimony yesterday in the late hour of the day and was then first up this morning, claiming to be nauseous (sic) and complained that she had been required to stay in Knoxville overnight. Guess it was better when she was sleeping on a blanket on the floor of a shack with Thomas. Who knows...

Several minor witnesses, a man with a new cell phone who obtained Davidson's phone number after he lost service testified to getting a lot of wrong number calls. Experts from phone service companies reported on all cell phones involved, Davidson's, Lawson's, Daphine Sutton's friends. One interesting point was that Thomas called Lawson in Lebanon, Kentucky about an hour after Chris was murdered.

Daphine Sutton was back on the stand and said that she had gone to the Chipman St. house on Sunday between 6 and 7 pm, that it was dark outside and raining. She stayed 3-4 minutes and left with Davidson's gift of Channon's "good-will" used clothing and her ring, but not the make-up she had come after. She said that Davidson came to her friends house later at about 10:30 pm to pick up the clothing after Daphine confronted him about them being used. No one mentioned whether or not she gave the ring back, but she did say he drove over in Channon's 4runner. On a side note, it appeared in the live feed from wbir.com that Daphine is again pregnant. It can't be Davidson's--he's been in jail since January. I hope she picked a more human baby-daddy this time. Does she know that condoms are cheap?

Ethel Freeman reared her ugly head again today. She testified in the original Grand Jury and the trials of Eric Boyd, Letalvis Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, and now George Thomas with her story a bit different in every case. She attempted to exonerate Davidson, he being her main drug dealer, but that didn't turn out well. Her different stories were exposed by Prosecution after a heated argument with Defense and a Judge ruling. She testified to knowing Thomas by sight and placed him at the Chipman St. house during the time Channon was there. She repeated her claim that Chris and Channon had been begging for gas money between 9:30 and 10:00 at a nearby gas station, but was much more vague about it--claiming the couple had resembled the victims, and this time couldn't remember what type of vehicle they were in. Of course, she's not trying to save her buddy this time around.

Several members of law enforcement also took the stand, one showing videotape of the Chipman St. house, which has since been torn down, another was an expert on guns and last up for today was an Officer Resig, who gave dimensions of the tiny house (less than 1000 sq ft.) My opinion is that this was done to show that Thomas could not have been unaware of the woman being restrained and brutalized in that tiny house and not know about it.

My opinion is that Thomas shot Chris and probably participated in his sexual assault. I also believe he took a few turns with Channon as well.

And a nagging question I have regarding both George Thomas AND Eric Boyd is; have either of them been tested to see if they are secretors or non-secretors? Yes, I know their DNA was sampled and tested, but was it checked for Secretor/non-secretor status? If Thomas is a non-secretor, then his DNA would not be identifiable in a mixed sample, as has been found both on Chris and Channon. The mix with the victim's body fluids would, in itself, ID a non-secretors semen as a negative match, let alone the victims plus up to four assailants. Just a thought--I have no expertise--only Google.

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