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Monday, January 25, 2010

Stacy Petersons neighbor Bychowski testifies in Hearsay Hearing

Erika Slife and Steve Schmadeke
January 25, 2010

Shortly before she disappeared, Stacy Peterson told a neighbor that if she did disappear, it was because husband Drew Peterson had killed her, the neighbor testified this morning. "He's going to kill me," Sharon Bychowski quoted Stacy as telling her about a week before she was reported missing.
...Bychowski said she came home from a trip to find Stacy sobbing outside her home..."She told me Drew wouldn't go," Bychowski testified. "She wouldn't leave and that having sex with him would make her skin crawl."

...She said Stacy then talked again about divorce and said she definitely would take the couple's two youngest children, which were biologically Stacy's, but wasn't sure about what would be best for the two oldest children.
...Bruce Zidarich, 45, Cassandra's then boy friend from Downers Grove, testified...

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