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Friday, August 07, 2009

Man sentenced for store clerk kidnapping, rape

August 7, 2009
WICHITA, Kansas – Robert Abner, convicted of kidnapping and raping a Viola store clerk, has been sentenced for the crime and will spend more than 47 years in prison.
Abner was convicted on 10 counts, including rape, kidnapping, sodomy and robbery for the incident that occurred in June 2008.
He kidnapped the woman and held her for several days before dropping her off in Wichita at her minister’s house. The victim and her husband both spoke during the sentencing.
Good. His defense at trial was that she liked it. She was in on it. He based this on the fact that she didn't fight him to get away. He's twice her size if not more. I hope he doesn't make it out.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he gets a big fat cellmate named Bubba...he can be Bubba's Bi*ch!