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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Investigators believe man chemically cremated teen's body

written & reported by: Jace Larson
Anna Hewson and Nicole Vap
August 13, 2009


Right: John Taylor

The allegations read like a disturbing novel. A man in his 40s has a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy. The teen gets drunk in a remote cabin and wakes up circumcised. After he goes to the police, he's not heard from again.

Police have told 9Wants to Know they now suspect the man, a chemist, chemically dissolved the teenager's body.

"When I had people that I knew or friends or anything like that, I'd save a lock of their hair if they went to a barber to keep it and remember them by. It's something I've done for years," said John Taylor, 63, who is suspected in Ian Richardson's disappearance.

Denver police and Clear Creek County sheriff's deputies believe 16-year-old Ian Richardson of Denver disappeared in 1992 after spending time with Taylor.

Taylor, of Denver, is scheduled to be in court this morning on unrelated child-sex-assault charges after claims earlier this year by 18-year-old and 21-year-old men who say Taylor abused them while they were underage. The cases are not related to Richardson's disappearance.

"You know, a lot of cases haunt me, and this is certainly one of them," Clear Creek County sheriff's investigator Bruce Snelling said. Snelling is working the case with Denver police.
Taylor has not been charged in Richardson's disappearance, but sealed court search-warrant documents leaked to 9Wants to Know suggest Taylor and Richardson's sexual relationship came to an abrupt end at a remote mountain mining cabin near Two Brothers Mine. It's in Virginia Canyon near Idaho Springs in Clear Creek County.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with 9Wants to Know, Taylor admits he had a sexual relationship with Richardson but denies playing a part in his disappearance.
Read the details of the allegations and Taylor's explanations for them at 9News.com.
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